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Three Steps to a Neater Pantry

Having a place to store dried goods is an easy way to stock up on grocery store specials and always have it on standby. But sometimes, a pantry can become…

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Organization Trends of 2014

. With the year barely a month old, organization trends are already developing and Harkraft is already on top of them. Here’s what to watch out for in 2014.

Closet Storage Organization

Top Closet Storage Tips

. Closet storage is one of the easiest ways to organize everything you’ve got at home, especially items you don’t use often. With a little bit of planning and foresight,…

Organization Wine Cellar

Modern and Contemporary Wine Cellar Cabinets and Designs

. Wine is no longer the stuffy beverage your parents drank, but the boisson de choix of Millennials and Gen Xers everywhere. There’s never been a more widespread, commonly-held interest…

Garage Storage Organization

4 Steps to a Tidier Garage Storage System

A garage storage system can be one of the best places in a home for storage and organization, but its open-concept space and freedom to organize in so many different…

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5 Tips for Mudroom Storage Organization

Mudroom and Foyer Organization When you or anyone else steps foot inside your house, your foyer will be the first thing that’s seen and the first impression that’s made. Make…


October Checklist for a Smooth-Running Home

Great Houzz article on getting your home ready for Minnesota’s “hibernation season.” http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/16158979/list/October-Checklist-for-a-Smooth-Running-Home    


Weekend Project: Organize Your Home

Only got a weekend to organize your home? Whether your in-laws are coming to visit or you’re just fed up with clutter, these tips will help you organize your home…

Closet Storage Organization

5 Home Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

When you’re cramped for space, it’s not easy to find storage solutions that fit your home or apartment. Finding storage solutions for small spaces is a challenge, but with a…


How To Organize Your Pantry

Pantry Organization Have you ever found a jar of marinara sauce in the back of your pantry only to find out that it expired in 2010? We’ve all found those…