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The best homes simplify and inspire the way we live. They’re built strategically to manage clutter — and beautifully to elevate our day-to-day routines. Most importantly, the best homes offer comfort and clarity when we need it most by reflecting our interests and passions.

At Harkraft, our mission is to transform your living space into the best home it can be. Our flexible storage solutions are built to complement your style and aesthetic — while suiting all of your storage needs. The result? Cleaner, smarter and more inspiring spaces that match your vision of home.

We’ll connect you with:

  • Inspiring storage options for almost any living space
  • A range of specialty products, including wire & laminate closet systems, garage storage system, shower doors, mirrors and more.
  • Experienced designers to help you find the best storage options for your project.
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What We Offer

Custom Storage

Harkraft can design and install a range of custom storage solutions in your home — including closet systems, mudroom storage units, garage cabinets, wine cellars and much more. These attractive, affordable solutions are built to match the exact look, feel and function of your space.

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Bath Solutions

Our bathroom options include custom shower doors, mirrors and a breadth of useful accessories — like grab bars and towel hooks. Use these sleek solutions to make your bath space more efficient and organized!

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Wire Shelving

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish storage option that won’t break the bank, then wire shelving is the perfect fit. Our wire shelving is strong and easily adjustable to match your storage needs for pantries, garages, bedroom closets and more.

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Guaranteed Results

Our team takes pride in delivering fast, guaranteed results for every customer, no matter the scope or complexity of their project. In other words, we follow through on every promise — without missing deadlines or cutting corners.

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We know a thing or two

Need a Professional Designer?

To make your home the best it can be, you’ll need a unified vision; a concept that guides all of your design efforts. If you’re having trouble there, it’s time to talk to one of our seasoned designers. We’ll connect you with an experienced professional to finalize your unique vision of home.

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