5 Home Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

When you’re cramped for space, it’s not easy to find storage solutions that fit your home or apartment. Finding storage solutions for small spaces is a challenge, but with a little creative thinking, you may realize that you have more space than you originally thought. It’s all in how you use it.

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1. Use closet space more efficiently.
If you don’t have a storage system for your closets, you’re missing out on extra storage space. By using closet space more efficiently—with drawers, shelving, hooks, and hanging rods—you will be able to fit more items in the closet and be able to access what you need without moving a stack of boxes.

Consider a closet storage system for your pantry, hall closet, and linens closet, as well as your bedroom closets. A wire shelving system gives you the flexibility to be able to rearrange the height of the shelves and add extra components later if you need them.

2. Find hiding places.
For items that you rarely use, find out-of-the-way places to tuck them away, such as underneath the bed (use risers to raise the height for more storage), underneath a table or desk, or inside furniture that doubles as storage (such as an ottoman or bench).

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3. Frame a doorway.
Not enough room for shelving? Try surrounding an entire doorway with bookshelves—including above the door. Open storage space can add a unique touch to your décor, as well as keeping items within easy reach. Use baskets to store loose items. Group similar items together, and label the baskets to make it easy to remember where you stored the items you need.

4. Create a warm welcome.
Even if you don’t have space for a mudroom storage unit or entry closet, you can still create storage space for coats, shoes, and umbrellas with a bench and shelf combination. Use the cubbies or storage bench to stow boots and other items. Use the hooks for hanging up coats, bags, and scarves.

5. Make your own pantry.
No pantry storage space in the kitchen? Make your own. Convert a closet off the kitchen into a pantry, or use an oversized cabinet as your pantry. Storage solutions like pantry shelving, drawers, spice racks, and tiered shelves give you more space and options for storing food.

Home Storage Solutions
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