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6 Ways to Keep Your College Student Organized and Clean

College can be an exciting and stressful change for students. They are finally moving out of their childhood home and going to be living on their own for the first…


How to Organize Your Small Garage Space

We’d all love to have a sprawling garage space that can comfortably shelter all of our stuff. Plenty of space for cars, lawn mower, snow blower, shovels, sporting equipment, gardening…


Organizing Your Minneapolis Garage

You’ll often see interesting ideas for converted garages on the internet or on television. We’ve seen garages turned into arcades, man caves, home gyms, apartments, artists studios, and workshops that…


Innovative Ways to Use Wire Shelving in Your Pantry

Have you grown tired of the limitations of your pantry shelving system? Find yourself missing out on tremendous coupon and promotional opportunities because you simply have no place to stock…

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Making the Most of Your Two-Car Garage Storage Space

Whether you use the space in your garage as simple storage or a workshop, you’ll want to find garage storage solutions that help maximize your square footage.  Don’t let your…

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A Guide to Constructing the Ideal Mudroom Storage Area

Is your mudroom a mess?  You and your family may be in the habit of walking through the door and simply throwing your boots, coats, shoes and sports equipment everywhere….


When is it Time to Upgrade Your Shower Doors?

Your shower doors get used quite a bit, and you’ve probably had the same set for quite a while or potentially for as long as you’ve owned your home. If…


What to Take Out of Your Garage Before the First Frost

Fall has a sneaky way of turning into winter. Unlike summer, which often creeps slowly into fall, the crisp autumn air can sometimes take a sharp turn and, before you…


What Types of Wines Store Best in Wine Cellars?

If you love wine and enjoy buying it to drink in the future, you definitely want to store it so it is at its very best when you pop it…


Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Having a small pantry can be tricky, but you don’t have to minimize what you own to maximize your space. A little organization can help you get the most out…