Wire shelving systems are sleek, strong and flexible, making them a natural fit for most projects. These inexpensive storage solutions blend seamlessly in closets, offices, bedrooms and more – bringing simplicity and style to your project.


Wire shelving is very cost-effective. With just a few hundred dollars, you can buy enough shelving to fill an entire walk-in closet. That’s partly why wire storage is such a popular choice for budget projects and simpler spaces.


Wire shelving is resistant, rust-proof, and can hold up to 75 pounds per foot — giving you a reliable storage foundation for almost any space. With metal-coated rods and strong brackets, our wire shelving always holds its own.


One of the best parts about wire shelving is its versatility. Thanks to its strength and simple aesthetic, wire shelving suits pantries, garages, closets, mudrooms and almost any other space in the home.

Make Home Storage Easy

Harkraft wire shelving can be customized to perfectly complement your project. Available in two colors (black and white) and several styles, our long-lasting wire products are an excellent choice for storing clothes, books, keepsakes, toys, and other items for many years to come. 

Unlike wooden shelves, you won’t have to worry about constant repairs or humidity problems with wire shelving. Our budget-friendly wire storage also allows you to add new features to change or expand their function. For example, with the simple addition of hanging rods, your wire shelving becomes a perfect place to store your favorite outfits. 

Harkraft wire shelving is a great investment if you need a stylish, affordable storage option for your next project. And if you’re not sure what style or sizes to pick up, our team can help! We’ve been helping builders and homeowners create smarter, cleaner and more organized living spaces for over 50 years. Together, we can craft the perfect wire shelving option for your project — without burning through your budget. 

Find your fit. We’ll do the rest.

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