How To Organize Your Pantry

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Pantry Organization

Have you ever found a jar of marinara sauce in the back of your pantry only to find out that it expired in 2010? We’ve all found those embarrassingly expired products in the back of our shelves, but don’t worry there is still hope for your pantry.

Get motivated

It may sound silly but the key to getting organized is to be motivated or else this can be a chore that ends up lingering longer than wanted on a to-do list. Going on Pinterest, looking through a Home & Garden magazine or watch a cooking show can help you realize how much your pantry needs some love. Find a pantry that inspires you and reorganize your pantry according to that design. Take a look at some of our products available.

Put similar items together

To do this you must take everything, yes everything, out of your pantry and group them in a way that makes sense to you. This is also a great time to question your current organizing system. Would adding containers, hooks or wire dividers help you keep these like-items together? This is also a great time to discard those expired or unnecessary products you don’t use anymore.

Find a system you can stick to

There is no golden rule to organizing that works for everyone so finding a way to organize that works for you is critical to keeping a clean pantry. Here are some helpful hints that you can take or leave:

  • If you have a plethora of spices consider alphabetizing
  • Keep your most-used items most accessible
  • Put the smaller items in the front and taller items in the back
  • Try to put every item back in the right spot when you’re done with it
  • Do you have kids? Consider grouping their snack items together so they can access them easily.

Minneapolis Custom Pantry Organization

Whatever your system is, remember that consistency is key to staying organized! Contact us to create an organized space in your kitchen! New customers receive 25% off their first order. Call us today: 888.544.7111.