Organized & Effortless

Custom cabinets and shelving are perfect solutions for storing clothes — while keeping track of stain removers, whiteners, fabric softeners and other essential laundry supplies. These storage options can help you create a more organized and space-efficient laundry room, making it easy to manage, sort and wash clothes and linens. Most importantly, our custom-built storage solutions are tough, flexible and simple to install — making them a natural fit for your laundry space.

Laundry Storage Solutions

Wire Shelving

Our Rubbermaid wire shelving offers ample vertical storage in your laundry room, leaving more floor space to work with. With multiple shelves, it’s easy to sort cleaning supplies, store different types of clothing, and find the exact items you need quickly and conveniently. Built to be simple, strong and cost-efficient, Harkraft wire shelving is a fantastic way to keep clothes and laundry supplies neat and organized. 

Laminated Wood Cabinets & Shelving

Harkraft offers custom-built laminated wood cabinets and shelving solutions to match the form and function of your laundry space. These sleek, strong and stylish storage options are an excellent way to store clothing or hide laundry items from sight — contributing to a more efficient and attractive space. Best of all, our wood cabinets and shelving can be customized with different styles and finishes to match your project’s exact aesthetic. 

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