Bath Bathroom Accessories

6 Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom

There are plenty of ways to maximize space in a small bathroom. You can still have an aesthetically appealing space that gives the illusion of spaciousness without compromising its functionality….

Bath Tub Shower

How to Properly Seal Your New Tub or Shower

Many bathroom remodeling projects include a new shower or tub. Showers and tubs will get wet, obviously, so the most important thing to do after your new shower is to…


Different Ways to Hang or Mount Your Mirror

Looking for a quick and easy design upgrade for one of the rooms in your home? Finding unique and different ways to hang or mount a mirror is an excellent…

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Basement 

Is your basement starting to look a little crowded? We’ve got some small basement storage ideas for you. Basements are the place where homeowners often relegate unused and forgotten items….

Closet Storage

Illustrating When and Where to Use Wire Closet Shelving

A wire closet shelving installation is a fantastic way to maximize storage space because it offers several benefits. It’s affordable, versatile, and super easy to keep clean. With so many…

Closet Storage Organization

6 Innovative Ways to Use Wire Shelving in Closets

Are your closets in need of an upgrade? Wire shelving is an easy and effective way to increase the storage space of just about any closet. Flexible, versatile, and strong,…

Wine Cellar

How to Choose The Best Wood For Your Wine Cellar

As you plan to build your cellar, choosing the best wood for wine cellar racks is one of the most important. You’ll want to decide which type of wood to…

Garage Storage

Ingenious Three-Car Garage Organization Ideas You Need to Know

Looking to declutter your three-car garage or build more space? The trick is to make the most out of every square inch with some clever planning. It’s all about working…

Closet Storage Wine Cellar

How to Convert Your Closet into a Wine Cellar

Wine ages best when it’s properly acclimated, with temperature and humidity controlled to ensure that tannins do not flourish and potentially overpower base notes. For homeowners who are budding oenophiles…

Closet Storage custom closets

5 Ideas to Organize Your Master Closet

When you’re standing there looking at a sliding pile of sweaters or trying to find a matching shoe, it can seem like too big a task to tackle but don’t…

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