Mudroom & Entry Storage

Shoes. Scarves. Coats. Pet supplies. There’s no end to the number of items your mudroom or entryway holds. And when these items get dirty or drenched, it’s even harder to keep the space clean and uncluttered. Thankfully, with the right storage solutions, you can bring order to the chaos — and keep those messes contained. 

We offer plenty of mudroom and entry storage options, ranging from basic wire shelving to custom-built storage units. And while these solutions come in different shapes and sizes, they all share a common strength: utility. Our products are sleek, durable and very easy to clean — which makes them ideal for storing items that always end up dirty. So if you’re looking to create a simple, clean and clutter-free entrance to your home, you’re in the right place.

Rugged. Simple. Spotless.

With so many storage options at your disposal, it can be tough to find the best option for your unique needs. And that’s where the Harkraft team really shines. No matter the size of your project, we’ll work with you to review your options and select the perfect solution for your home with a free consultation and estimation.

Once you have an idea of the storage option you want, we’ll customize your product to mesh seamlessly with your space — while making delivery and installation easy. The result? Less clutter, less mess and a more accessible entryway.

Entry & Mudroom Storage

Wire Shelving

Our Rubbermaid wire shelving is the perfect choice if you’re looking for durable storage that won’t break the bank. This shelving can easily hold shoes, towels, outdoor supplies and other small items in your mudroom or entry space. Wire shelving is also a great way to make use of available wall space to limit clutter and more efficiently store items throughout your entryway. 

Laminated Wood Cabinets & Shelving

Our custom-crafted wood cabinets and shelving are strong, stylish and built to last — making them ideal for most storage needs. Whether you need to organize footwear, hats, backpacks or accessories, laminated wood cabinets and shelving are a great choice. 

Mudroom Storage Units

If you’re sick of seeing piles of boots, jackets and other items in your mudroom or entryway, then this is the solution for you. Harkraft’s mudroom storage units keep clutter off of your floor and items organized in a single neat, concise space. These storage spaces are perfect for holding shoes, coats and umbrellas — as well as sports equipment and other hard-to-sort items. 

Find your fit. We’ll do the rest.

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