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There are hundreds of kids storage options on the market, which can make it tough to find the right products for your own project. That’s where the Harkraft team can help. We’ll give you a free consultation and estimate to help you explore potential solutions and find the one that matches your creative vision and budget. Together, we can make your kid spaces more organized, safe and exciting to play in!

Kids Storage Solutions

Wire Shelving

Our Rubbermaid wire shelving is the perfect way to organize kid spaces. This simple, cost-effective storage option can hold up to 75 pounds per foot and is versatile to fit in almost any space in the home. Wire shelving can be installed lower in the space to make storing clothes, toys, board games and other items simple — or higher up to provide a secure space for holding off-limit items. Whether you need to manage clutter, organize items, or simply make more open space for your kids to play, wire shelving is a great place to start. 

Laminated Wood Cabinets & Shelving

Wood cabinets and shelving make an excellent addition to any kid spaces — especially ones that are cluttered or messy. You can leverage these strong, sleek storage solutions to keep clothing, toys and accessories organized or hide items from plain sight. And because our cabinets and shelving are custom-made, you can tailor their design and finish to suit the exact style of your project.

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