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Pantries and wine cellars are so much more than storage spaces; they’re an essential part of every dining and drinking experience you enjoy at home. By keeping items clean, organized and in great condition, these storage solutions make it easy to cook delicious meals, keep your kitchen tidy and enjoy your wine at its absolute best.

Wine Storage Solutions

Custom Wine Cellars

As the largest locally owned provider of wine cellar design and installation services in the Twin Cities, Hakraft is the perfect partner for your next wine storage project. Our customized wine solutions offer ample storage while beautifully showcasing your unique tastes.

Perfectly cellared bottles bring out each wine’s best flavors and qualities — which is why cellars are a must-have for any wine lover. Our custom-built, climate-controlled wine cellars are the perfect way to store expensive and vulnerable vintages, and turn your assortment of wine into a stunning showpiece in your home. 

Custom Wine Racks

Wine racks bring a splash of class to any space in the home. They’re also an excellent tool for organizing and safeguarding your wine collection. Our strong, sturdy and elegant wine racks are custom-made to match your project needs and visual style — and showcase your tastes in style. 

Pantry Storage Solutions

A well-designed pantry isn’t just for show. With the right storage solutions, you can save tons of time while preparing meals, dropping off groceries and more — all while eliminating kitchen clutter. Count on Harkraft pantry storage to make mealtime and kitchen organization effortless. 

Wire Shelving

Need to squeeze just a few more groceries into your pantry space? Then it’s time to invest in Rubbermaid wire shelving. This simple, strong storage option makes organizing (and accessing) your kitchen supplies effortless. Our wire shelving is perfect for sorting and storing ingredients, cooking utensils, and almost any other pantry items. 

Laminated Wooden Shelving

Our custom-crafted wooden shelving is a great addition to any pantry in need of more storage space. These sleek storage solutions are ideal for organizing and holding food, utensils and other kitchen supplies. Best of all, our wooden shelving is available in a range of styles and finishes to complement and enhance your home’s aesthetic. 

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