Organization Trends of 2014


With the year barely a month old, organization trends are already developing and Harkraft is already on top of them. Here’s what to watch out for in 2014.

Harkraft mirror
Strategic placement of mirrors can help create the illusion of space and light.


The new look for bathrooms is a clean, streamlined, spa-like setting. Instead of being utilitarian, bathrooms are being designed to feel soothing, with pale, clean colors and rounded edges. For example, a typical bathroom might consist of rounded vanity mirrors with soft backlights on the edges, a shallow, sloping sink and a color scheme of sky blues and off-whites.

Showers are also being increasingly looked to over tubs, with homeowners taking time to focus on quality shower doors and heads. But for those still favoring tubs, stand-alone tubs are the new trend instead of tiled-in tub decks, as the former frees up valuable space in an already small room.


High-tech is one of the strongest and most consistent trends seen so far. The U-Socket, a plug-in area for smartphones, is one of the top additions to kitchen, complementing a futuristic look seen with stainless steel appliances, hidden areas for things like microwaves, and sleek, linear lines.

Closely related, homeowners are looking to keep kitchen goodies tucked away, and are turning to high cabinetry with frosted glass fronts and under-counter shelving. Interestingly, though, a counter-design is seen with floating shelves, which serves two purposes: they offer more places to store often used items, and free up storage space elsewhere for other items (particularly handy for smaller kitchens.)



Garages have frequently been the “boring” parts of homes, relegated to the realm of car parking and item storing. But now, homeowners are taking a new look at their garages and making them as trendy as the rest of their houses.

One of the biggest changes to garages is how digitized they’re becoming. The use of gadgets is playing a larger role in the formation of garages, such as smartphones operating as openers, laser-operated parking assistants, and climate-controlled thermostats.

In terms of organization design in garages, doors are getting makeovers to become works of art, with the look extending to the inside of the garage. The two strongest styles are graffiti-like looks and post-modernism, with the latter consisting of bold lines, 2D shape patterns, and rounded window corners.


For all places except the bathroom, colors in 2014 will be bright and bold. One of the most dominant colors to emerge is cobalt blue, but others, like reds, oranges and purples, are also taking strong stances. While some homeowners may be a bit wary of taking a paintbrush to their living room walls and completely changing the look, they can enter in slowly with bright accent walls. Another way to be trendy without full commitment is to alter bits and pieces, like a red front door, bright green couch, colored mirror frame, or arty garage storage organizers.

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