6 Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom

There are plenty of ways to maximize space in a small bathroom. You can still have an aesthetically appealing space that gives the illusion of spaciousness without compromising its functionality.

Aesthetic, spacious, and functional—these elements most people want to capture when designing their bathrooms. Yet, we’re not all blessed with large bathrooms filled with a separate tub and shower stalls and his and hers sinks. 

6 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

Let’s get into some tips and tricks of the trade that will help you turn your cramped space into a bathroom sanctuary you’ll love!

1. Install Cabinets

Cabinet space, especially if this is a family bathroom, is very important for making the room feel less cluttered. Putting up cabinets on either side of your mirror or putting additional cabinet space into the wall if you’re building a new home are great ways to add extra storage space to your bathroom. 

Here are some more specific ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Add a small standalone cabinet over your toilet. These are easy to install and very budget-friendly! 
  • Install cabinets under the sink. Many bathrooms already have cabinets underneath the sink, but if yours doesn’t, add them.
  • Include a medicine cabinet behind your bathroom mirror. This is perfect for storing small items, including medications, makeup, hair care products, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

2. Bring In More Light

Expanding the windows or adding a skylight can allow more natural light to enter the bathroom, making the space feel bigger. 

Both of these ideas bring in more natural light, increase the green space you can see from your bathroom (which aids in feelings of calmness and relaxation!), and allow you to feel as though the space is bigger than it is.

3. Add A Fresh Coat of Paint

Any interior decorator will tell you to stick to light colors when you’re working with small spaces. This is especially true for bathrooms since most are under 70 square feet. Neutral tones will be your best bet because they won’t draw attention to the walls. 

Furthermore, if you want to add a bit of flair to the walls while keeping it relatively low-key, you can go with a lighter color that stands out more, like light pink or purple.

4. Install A Wall-Mounted Sink

Clearing out the floor space where a vanity would usually go may seem like it goes against the “add more cabinets” advice, but it can actually be a good thing in the right circumstances. If you’re remodeling a master bath, you can sometimes afford to take the vanity out, which will free up floor space. 

While you don’t need to use the floor space for anything in particular, it would be nice to have a bit of an open area. You could use this space to store small items that typically sit on the floor, such as a scale. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to install a low-profile sink, making your bathroom space feel even more open.

5. Use A Glass Shower Door

Frosted glass shower doors or solid shower curtains effectively close off part of your bathroom, making it seem much smaller than it really is. 

If privacy within the bathroom isn’t a factor, going with a clear glass door or shower wall will expand the visible space in the room, making it seem bigger. This would probably be a job best left to professionals, but the results would certainly be worth the cost!

6. Consider Unique Shelving Options

Are you tired of the same boring shelves lining your bathroom walls, making the space feel tightly packed? Get creative! 

Corner-shelving units are available at any box store that fit neatly in even the smallest showers. These hold all your body/face washes and hair products while keeping them neatly organized, preventing clutter, and adding to the aesthetics of your room.

Another option is floating shelves! These look great and provide extra storage anywhere in your bathroom. You can install them above your mirror, above the toilet, or high along the walls. This moves clutter up above the eyeline, enhancing the room’s open feel and increasing its functionality.

Learn more about customizations for your bathroom.

Is Your Mirror Working for You?

Having a mirror in the bathroom is a necessity. But is yours working for your space? Ditch the ultra-simplistic square mirror above the sink and try something new! Consider a wall of mirrors above your sink.

This adds a modern and artistic touch to your bathroom, and the additional mirrors will help reflect more natural light and help the space feel more open.

Find Solutions for Everything

To maximize space in a small bathroom, you’ll need to be willing to find solutions for every storage issue that arises. Here are a few creative fixes we’ve come up with that should help get your creativity flowing:


  • Towel Rods: Towel rods are a necessity in every bathroom, but you don’t have to stick to the traditional spots to install them. Slap a towel rod anywhere that works in the layout of your bathroom, such as on the side of the vanity, above the toilet, on the back of the door, etc.


  • Command Hooks: Looking for a super quick and easy DIY solution for storing small items in your bathroom? Look no further than command hooks! These nifty hooks are cheap and usually come in bulk. Put them anywhere in your bathroom and easily hang light items from them that you don’t have a good storage spot for anywhere else, like hair brushes, a bag of travel toiletries, a loofah, etc.


  • Bath Toys: Without proper storage solutions, bath toys can easily become unsanitary from a build-up of water and soap scum. Grab a mesh storage bag and suction cup it to the shower wall! The mesh will allow excess water to drain off the toys and help them air dry more reliably.


Transform Your Space with Harkraft

These tips will help you maximize space in a small bathroom, but a professional can assess, suggest, and implement many other solutions. At Harkraft, we enjoy helping our customers turn every corner of their home into a welcoming sanctuary.