6 Innovative Ways to Use Wire Shelving in Closets

Are your closets in need of an upgrade? Wire shelving is an easy and effective way to increase the storage space of just about any closet. Flexible, versatile, and strong, wire shelving is the perfect choice for organizing or amplifying the storage of your bedroom closets, hall closets, and more.

Here’s a look at six wire closet shelving ideas guaranteed to make your inner organizational perfectionist proud.

The Benefits of Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is extremely versatile and can be used for everything from greasy garage tools to delicate food items in the kitchen pantry to displaying an awesome shoe collection!

Wire shelves are very durable and able to hold plenty of weight. They’re also super easy to keep, and you’ll never have to worry about temperature warping their shape or compromising their integrity.

But aside from all that, wire shelves are also very aesthetically pleasing. Wire shelves have an open, contemporary appearance that meshes well with virtually any style!

1. Think Vertically

Picture a traditional bedroom closet. You have shirts and jackets hanging from the top and shoes sitting on the floor. That leaves a fair amount of space in the middle. Use wire shelving to turn this dead space into storage space. Custom wire shelving along the walls expands the storage capacity of your closet.

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to hangers. In many cases, you’ll save space by folding shirts and putting them on wire shelves. Plus, folding helps preserve heavier clothing items such as jackets, dresses, and sweaters.

Wire shelving works great for large walk-in closets, but it’s equally effective for smaller closets. The great thing about custom wire shelving is you can use it in various ways! If you’re working with a smaller closet, put some wire shelves on the back of the door. Shorter shelves should easily fit into the open space of the closet when the door is closed. 

This provides an effective storage opportunity that eliminates the dead space in your closet.

2. Showcase Your Shoes

Wire shelving is great for shoe storage, too. Many people store their shoes on the floor of the closet or in a typical shoe rack that causes the shoes to blend into the other items in the closet. Instead, use wire shelving to put your footwear on display! 

Wire shelving components can be used to make your shoes the centerpiece of your closet. Not only does this reduce clutter on the floor, but a “shoe first” design also displays your personal sense of style.

Plus, wire shelves are capable of holding plenty of weight. So, whether you’re a fan of heavy leather boots or a collector of dozens of pairs of heels, wire shelves are a reliable way to put them on display.

3. Eliminate Dead Space With Corner Shelves

Enhancing your bedroom storage means searching for unused dead space and figuring out how to use it to your advantage. Too often, corners in a closet are forgotten and do nothing but gather dust. 

But one of the best wire closet shelving ideas involves putting those corners to work! The corners of a walk-in closet can be a great spot for wire shelving. Specially made wire corner shelves are a great spot to store ties, belts, socks, and other accessories.

Corner shelves can be useful even if your closet isn’t a walk-in. In this case, you’ll want to store items you don’t use often because they’ll be stored in the back of the closet. Clothing not used during the current season can be tucked away in a corner shelf until appropriate.

Speaking of seasons, the flexibility of wire shelves allows for quick and easy adjustability. During summer, you can reconfigure your wire shelves to store bulky winter clothes. When the seasons turn, you can change your shelf sizes and wardrobe. Wire shelves work great for long-term storage because the shelves can be easily adjusted to fit different types of items as needed.    

4. Organize Your Kitchen Closets and Pantries

Bedroom closets aren’t the only place where wire shelves shine. Wire shelves are great for organizing your kitchen pantry and other closets. Flexible and durable, wire shelves can hold cans, dry goods, utensils, and other kitchen necessities.

Wire shelves are also easy to keep clean. If a food product leaks, you don’t have to worry about liquids pooling and staining as they could on a wooden shelf. While liquids leaking through the gaps in the wire wouldn’t be fun, it’s often easier to mop a floor than clean a shelf.

5. Use Transparent Wire Shelves To Make Storage More Accessible

Do you need quick and easy access to items in your pantry or closet? Grab some clear drawers or bins and use them to keep your wire shelves organized. When the storage in your closet is clear, you’re able to quickly and easily identify each article of clothing. This saves a lot of time when getting ready — especially during a hectic morning!

Wire baskets or wire racks can simply be screwed into the wall at the back of the closet. Aside from durability, another major advantage of wire shelving is transparency. You can easily see what products are underneath when a wire shelf is empty.

They also help create a sense of openness. Unlike wooden shelves, wire allows air and light to pass through. Empty shelves don’t darken or clutter a room.  

6. Safely Organize Your Electrical Components

TVs, video game systems, PCs, and other electronic components can be hard to keep organized. Wire shelving can be an effective solution. For instance, many people prefer to keep their household sound system out of sight. You can stack each audio component on wire shelves within a closet where the entire system will stay out of sight.  

Customizable wire shelves work great for storing heavy components of many different sizes. The open spaces between the wires allow you to easily run cords between different devices. Plus, the openings allow for regular airflow. Open space and regular airflow help keep running electronics cool, even in small closets.   

But electronics are expensive, and you wouldn’t trust any shelving to keep them safe. Thankfully, wire shelves can hold plenty of weight, making them an ideal choice for holding heavy electronics. 

Additionally, they don’t collect dust or warp due to temperature or weather conditions like wooden shelves. The risks you take when using wooden shelves to store your electronics are eliminated when you switch to wire shelving.