5 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Basement 

Is your basement starting to look a little crowded? We’ve got some small basement storage ideas for you.

Basements are the place where homeowners often relegate unused and forgotten items. It can also become a catch-all for anything you’re not currently using, leading to precariously stacked boxes that are a pain to sort through when digging out your winter gear.

Maybe you’ve tried simple storage solutions in the past but never developed a system that’s fully functional and easy to maintain. 

It can be especially challenging if you’re trying to organize in a confined space. That’s why we’re bringing you our best small basement storage ideas!

1. Hang Large and Light Items on Pegboards

Some people might assume pegboards are for garages and work spaces only, but their uses extend far beyond that. You can put a pegboard in any room of your home as long as you have the available wall space. 

This is a particularly great idea for organizing small spaces! Pegboards behind kitchen sinks make a great spot for hanging cooking spoons and strainers, and a pegboard in your bathroom could be the ideal spot for storing skincare products and makeup.

Assuming you have at least one basement wall free, try putting up some pegboards. You can hang so much on a pegboard. It’s the perfect spot for awkward, bulky items that don’t fit or belong in your storage containers. 

They’re great for hanging large items that don’t weigh much, like brooms and shovels. You could also use them to hang tools, cleaning supplies, out-of-season gear like sleds, or foldable/collapsable items like toddler slides. 

Let your pegboards become your new catch-all to free up floor space and keep your small space feeling less cluttered.

2. Personalize Your Storage with Customizable Shelving and Cabinets

You’ve probably heard the tip before to install custom cabinets or shelving. Why not take this a step further and combine the two ideas? You can have a custom shelving unit designed with your small space in mind with built-in cabinets that allow you to rearrange some shelves and cabinets as needed!

This will totally change the way you view storage solutions and make it way easier when you go to change out bulky winter with small, compact summer gear. A customizable shelving unit with cabinets will give you full control and creativity over storing things and make swapping out seasonal storage items easier.

You could also keep things simpler by ordering a single unit of customized cabinets. These are great because you can tailor them to the exact size(s) you need. You can also add cool accessories, like locks or shelves/cubbies inside the cabinets. 

With customizable storage solutions, you make the storage work for you rather than cramming your belongings inside pre-built cabinets. 

Of course, there are also customizable wire shelving options to consider. Wire shelving units are our favorite of all small basement storage ideas. They’re awesome for basements because they won’t be affected by fluctuations in temperature or humidity, they’re super easy to keep clean, and they can store heavy items. 

Some of the best customizable wire shelving options we’d recommend include drop-down units, corner units, and those with adjustable shelf heights.

3. Use a Trolley for DIY and Crafts

Do you remember the old-fashioned trolleys teachers wheeled into their classrooms when it was time to watch a movie? These trolleys used to be the highlight of your day as a student, and now they’ll be the highlight of your basement.

You can store all your in-progress DIY and craft projects and some materials on the trolley. This will make it easy for you to move it to and from your workstation. When it’s time to clean up for the day, just wheel the trolley into a corner.

Plus, trolleys are easy to move around small basements. They don’t take up much space while offering a versatile storage solution. It’s easy to change out what’s stored on the trolley as needed, and you could even move it to other spaces. They’d made a great addition to your gardening shed to hold seeding plants once spring comes around!

4. Protect Your Collection and Kids with a Lockable Wine Rack

Homeowners are forever looking for neat ways to store their wine and keep it out of their children’s reach. A lockable wine rack lets you keep your collection on display while keeping it out of curious teenage hands. 

The best thing about lockable wine racks is you aren’t limited to only storing bottles of wine in there! Many have lockable cabinets on the bottom where you can store other sensitive items you don’t want others to see or be able to access. 

And just because they’re called lockable wine racks doesn’t mean you have to use them to store wine. The racks themselves can be used to store a variety of other things you want to keep under lock and key. 

Plenty of other compact locking storage units are available that will look aesthetically pleasing while providing you with even more storage options.

5. Built-In Storage Is The Best Storage

The best storage solution ever invented is built-in cabinetry. It’s aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical, and you can use it for spaces that would otherwise be empty- like underneath your staircase. Utilizing spaces like this is essential for effective small basement storage.

You should start today if you haven’t hopped on the built-in storage trend yet. Depending on how much room you have to work with, you could store many things behind doors.

Use a built-in storage area to store your larger items, things you want to be hidden from view, or even luxury items like a mini-fridge for when you’re working on your DIY projects. 

Leave some open space in your built-in storage area for the bigger items, then throw in some custom cabinets and wire shelving. Storage will never get better than this.