Illustrating When and Where to Use Wire Closet Shelving

A wire closet shelving installation is a fantastic way to maximize storage space because it offers several benefits. It’s affordable, versatile, and super easy to keep clean.

With so many premade accessories and units available, it’s easy to pick and choose what works for your storage needs, effectively creating a custom closet. Get expert tips on where and how to install wire closet shelving and see how it can improve your home storage. 

Benefits of a Wire Shelving Installation

Do you need more closet space? Or, do you simply need to make better use of your space?

Consider what you need to organize and how you’d like it to look before finalizing your wire closet shelving installation.

Wire Shelving Offers Personalized Organization

Wire shelving units come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are adjustable, offering you more opportunities to personalize your organization. Whether you want to turn your closet into a wine cellar or simply organize some clothes, wire shelving has your back. 

Do you like to keep your professional and casual clothing separate?  Do you organize your clothes by type of article of clothing (tops, pants, skirts, etc.) and then sub-organize by color?  Consider your needs, then select wire shelving options that can support these needs and preferences.

Adjustable Shelving Grows With You

One of the many advantages of wire closet shelving is that it can be adjustable.  This means that as your needs change or as your wardrobe expands, your closet can evolve to match. Wire shelves are also great for storing handbags, shoes, sweaters, and even boxes full of nostalgic knickknacks.

Where to Install a Wire Closet Shelving

Your closet likely takes up very little square footage. However, you can make the most of this by going vertical. Instead of thinking of your closet regarding floor space, think of it in terms of wall space.  

Aim High with Smart Storage Practices

Custom storage solutions like a tall wire shelving unit that relies on vertical rather than floor space will give you valuable extra room to store all your essentials and precious keepsakes.

Clear Bins for Clearly Defined Storage

If you want to open your closet and immediately see everything neatly organized, then opt for clear bins to store your belongings on the shelves. Clear closet bins combined with wire shelving allow you to see easily what you have and where it is.  This can be a time-saver when getting ready every morning or trying to pack for a trip. 

Use Your Corners

Corner wire closet shelving units exist, and everyone should take advantage of their massive benefits. Corners are often an unused space that only collects dust. 

But, with corner shelving units, you can use that space in a positive organizational way. Use it to stack your out-of-season shoes and gear or store seasonal decorations when they’re out of rotation. The possibilities are endless!

Put That Ceiling Space to Good Use

It’s easy to look at a closet full of clutter and think it’s time to minimize the number of things you’re holding on to, but all you need is the right closet storage tips to help you keep everything organized. 

In this case, we’re discussing installing a drop-down wire shelving unit. These beauties are perfect for storing things you need to save but still easy to access.

They’re often adjustable or come with additional attachments that will turn your closet from an episode of Hoarders to the cover of a Homes & Gardens magazine. 

How to Install Wire Shelving in 7 Steps

If you’re feeling handy and you have a toolbelt at the ready, read on to learn how to make your wire closet shelving installation a smooth process. 

However, we understand that only some people are comfortable with the DIY side of things, which is why we offer installation services.

Assuming you’re geared up and ready to go, here are some tips on installing wire closet shelving:

  1. Plan & Measure: Plan where you want the unit to go and then begin measuring the soon-to-be-organized space. Start with the height from the floor to the ceiling, then measure the length of your useable wall space. Lastly, measure the depth of the area you plan to use.
  2. Prepare the Space: Make sure the area you’ll be working in is clean and free of any hazards. Repaint the wall first if you’ve just removed a previous unit. Then, use a stud finder to locate the studs in the walls and lightly mark them.
  3. Attach the Hanger Rail: Wire closet shelving units are easy to install. Use your plan as a guide, mark a level line, and attach the hanger rail to the studs. Make sure it’s level!
  4. Connect the Uprights: You’ll need to connect the uprights to the hanger rail, ensuring they’re straight up and down. Secure them at the bottom with screws. 
    1. Pro Tip: Use wall anchors if the uprights aren’t in line with the studs.
  5. Complete the Installation: You’re in the homestretch now. Lock in the brackets on the uprights and then snap the shelves into place. Attack the rod hooks, cap the rod ends, and snap in the hanger rod.
  6. Install Accessories: Depending on which type of wire closet shelving unit you decide to get, you may have additional accessories to install. You may need to add runner frames or hanging drawer glides to attach drawers. 
  7. Reinforce the Unit: If you plan on storing heavier items, learn how to reinforce wire closet shelving units. 

These units come in all shapes and sizes, so your process might differ slightly from the steps above. 

Always follow the manual that comes with your unit, and seek professional help if needed to ensure your wire closet shelving installation process is done safely and smoothly.