Innovative Ways to Use Wire Shelving in Your Pantry

Have you grown tired of the limitations of your pantry shelving system? Find yourself missing out on tremendous coupon and promotional opportunities because you simply have no place to stock extra food and house products? Well, it may be time for you to revisit the way you’re organizing your pantry. In particular, the way you’re shelving your pantry and the type of shelves that you’re using.

Benefits of Wire Shelving

One of the better routes to go when it comes to shelving for your pantry, is to deploy wire shelving. Wire shelving offers your pantry a sleek, modern, and durable option for storing items. If your old wooden shelves have started to chip, crack, or lose color or luster, it might be the perfect time to consider making the jump to wire shelving. Some of the benefits of wire shelves include:

  • Easy to Install: If you’re tepid about upgrading your pantry out of the fear of doing the installation, then wire shelving is for you. Wire shelving is very easy to install yourself and doesn’t require the expensive and hard to use power tools involved with installing wooden shelves. All you’ll need is a trusty hammer, measuring tape, screwdriver, a pencil, and a level.
  • Affordable: For most people, if the process of installing wooden shelves doesn’t scare them off, the price will. Wire shelves are much cheaper than wood.
  • Durable: You won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion with wire shelves. Most wire shelves today are covered in a coat of epoxy that will prevent rust from seeping in, and from them corroding away. Additionally, many wire shelves are resistant to humidity, which will keep them looking great for a long time. Wood, on the other hand, will warp and weaken over the years when exposed to humidity.
  • Easy To Move: Whether you live in an apartment or love to redecorate and reorganize, having the flexibility of wire shelves is a huge plus. If you move to a new apartment you can easily take the shelves with you. Or, if you decide that you need some space in a bedroom closet, you can remove a few shelves from your pantry. Wire shelves are also much more lightweight compared to wooden shelving so that you can transport them from room to room without too much heavy lifting.
  • Multifunctional: It’s pretty difficult to achieve versatility and nuance with your wooden shelving. But with wire shelving, you can add new features to your shelves to change their function. For example, installing hanging rods make these shelves the ideal spot to hang coats or outfits that don’t fit in your closet.

Wire Shelving For Your Pantry

Now that you’re sold on the idea of wire shelving, let’s talk about the innovative ways you can use wire shelves to get the most out of your pantry. As with any type of storage, the key to an effective pantry is maximizing the space you have available.

Build Vertically

To best maximize the space available to you, you’re going to want to build vertically. More often than not, you pantry space is going to be taller than it is wide. By installing wire shelves every few feet, you’re going to be able to accommodate a lot more than if you simply stacked items on top of each other. For the higher shelves, place things that you don’t access very often. Whether it’s seasonal dishes, decorations or seldom-used cooking utensils, you’ll want to store that stuff up high and save the prime lower level real estate for the stuff you need to access regularly.

Utilize Doors

Not all pantries will have a door, but for the ones that do you’ll want to utilize that space. Some ideas to do so are hang a spice rack, a few hooks to hang aprons and tablecloths or brackets to hang kitchen cleaning items such as brooms, mops and swiffers.

The Floor as a Shelf

Often times homeowners will forget to use the space available to them on the ground of their pantry. You’ll want to have plenty of shelves, but don’t neglect your floor as an area to store. In the area between your first shelf in the floor, stock bottled water, cleaning supplies, seasonal table settings, extra boots and shoes, cans of paint or even an old coffee maker.

Maintain Your Organization

One of the other great things about wire shelving is how visible they make the products on your shelves. Still, you’ll want to devise a system of organization to keep your new pantry both looking great and easy to use. Once you’ve built your new wire shelves, determine where everything will go. Place all of your canned foods on one shelf, your cereals and cooking supplies on another, your ingredients and spices on the next. It doesn’t matter what you place where, but what does matter is that as you fill and retrieve items from your pantry, you’re placing stuff where it belongs. If not, you’ll eventually spend a weekend reorganizing the entire pantry, which is no fun.

Compared to wooden shelving, wire shelving makes for an affordable, durable, multifunctional, customizable home storage option that requires little in the way of maintenance and is easy to assemble. By building vertically, utilizing doors, using the floor and keeping it organized, your pantry will deliver you value again and again. If you’re considering wire shelves for your home or apartment, let Harkraft lend you a hand. We’re a Minneapolis-based home store that’s been helping customers simplify their home design and reduce room clutter for more than 40 years. You can find the perfect closet organizer, customizable wine cellars, and wire shelving from Harkraft. Take a look at some of our products and services today.