Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Having a small pantry can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. A little organization can help you get the most space out of your pantry, and also save you time and money. If you’re looking for the best methods to organize your small pantry, we have some easy tips and ideas.

Use a Bin System

Bins, baskets, or storage containers that can hold multiple jars, boxes, or bags are key to organizing a small pantry. Use bins to group together similar items, like jars of couscous, rice, and chai seeds. This makes it easy for everyone in the house to know where to find something, and where to put it back when they’re done with it. When everything has a designated spot, you can easily see what you need to pick up at the store (and what you don’t, which can save you money.)

A bin system also makes it simple to grab an entire group of items, whether you want to move them elsewhere, or take them over to the countertop to cook. If you have bakeware that you don’t use often, use those pans as makeshift bins and you’ll get a two-for-one storage solution.

Utilize Vertical Space                                                

Shelving systems are often installed to allow for equal amounts of space between all shelves. Unfortunately, food containers come in all shapes and sizes, leaving a lot of unused vertical space. To make the most of this space, stack items that have similar shapes and sizes. For foods that come in inconveniently shaped packages, simply re-package into a clean sauce jar or Tupperware container that you can stack.

You can also create a second tier shelf by putting in a shelf riser, giving you double the surface space on a tall shelf. If you’re designing your small pantry from scratch, consider putting in a system with adjustable shelving, like our wire pantry shelves.            

Vertical space also includes the floor and the high top shelves. These harder-to-reach spaces are often neglected, but they’re great for storage. Use these places for items that you don’t need or use every day (or even every week). Get a sturdy step stool that is small enough to store in the pantry, and use it to reach the top shelf.

Take Advantage of Wall or Door Space

If your pantry configuration leaves empty, unused space on a wall or the back of the door, don’t let that space go to waste. Install racks that provide additional storage. Or cover these surfaces with magnetic paint, then use small magnetic containers to store spices or other items. You can also tie pieces of heavy-duty string or wire across these surfaces, and then use clothes pins to hang bags of chips or onions. You can even use mesh laundry bags to create a hanging “bin” for packaged items, like snacks for the kids.

Maximize Your Pantry

Organizing a small pantry requires just a little imagination and a few household items you probably have lying around. To get the most out of your pantry space, call Harkraft Builders now to learn about our pantry storage solutions. You can fill out our form at our Contact page, or call 763.544.4478 today!