A Guide to Constructing the Ideal Mudroom Storage Area

Is your mudroom a mess?  You and your family may be in the habit of walking through the door and simply throwing your boots, coats, shoes and sports equipment everywhere.  Though it may simply be a bad habit, it’s more likely that your messy mudroom is a result of insufficient or poorly planned storage.  

If you have a mudroom, chances are that this is what your family and possibly even your guests first encounter upon entering your home.  A disorganized, dysfunctional mudroom can give off the impression that the entire home is untidy.  Instead, you deserve a mudroom that’s organized, neat and clean, an attractive space that welcomes you and your family into the home.

Mudroom organization

Keep Young People in Mind When You Design

If you have children in the home, it’s a good idea to keep their needs in mind as you design your organized, tidy mudroom.  Many parents report that their children do better when they can hang coats on hooks (rather than opening a closet or locker and reaching for a coat hanger).  Put the hooks for children’s coats at their eye level, not an adult’s eye level.

You may opt for a separate locker for each member of the family.  If so, then be sure to pick a different color for each.  Color coding is a good memory device, and children may love having individual lockers in their favorite colors.

Mudrooms That Multitask

In many homes, the mudroom storage area must serve several purposes.  You want to keep these in mind as you design and style your mudroom.  Often, a mudroom is an entryway, a storage closet and a laundry room all in one.  A mudroom is also a good place for charging smartphones and other devices.  You may want to consider a charging station so that cords aren’t cluttering up the rest of your home.

Once again, you should design the layout and storage areas of the mudroom to accommodate all these needs.  In addition to storage lockers and possibly a closet for coats and boots, you may need storage for laundry supplies.  Consider the functions of your mudroom and design accordingly.

Additionally, consider whether your mudroom’s function changes seasonally.  In the winter, you may need a place to let snow-covered boots dry, while in the summer you may need storage for beach towels and pool supplies.  

Many homeowners find that they like to use their mudrooms as a place to leave work at work.  That is, it’s helpful to have a storage area for things like laptops and briefcases, things that you may need to bring home with you from work but that you’d like to keep separate from your home life.  Use physical space to create an emotional and psychological separation between work and home.

Bench It

While many mudrooms are rather narrow walk-through spaces or areas that double as laundry rooms, one element to consider including, space permitting, is a bench.  This gives you a place to sit while putting on or removing shoes.  A bench also creates a space to set grocery bags, a briefcase or anything else you may bring in with you.

Select a bench that’s open to the floor.  This creates extra storage space.  Shoes, boots and small storage bins can be tucked under the bench as well.

White wood mudroom

Make the Most of It

Typically, mudroom storage spaces have relatively little square footage.  This means that you need to make the most of what is available to you.  One way to do this is to incorporate vertical storage spaces.  Add shelving for hats, mittens and other items.  Cubby holes are another good option.  Your shelves or cubbies can be filled with colorful bins to store smaller items, or you can leave them open if you prefer an open-shelved look.

Style It

Because your mudroom effectively serves as your entryway, it should have style.  While it’s important that a mudroom is functional, it can be beautiful as well.  You may want to decorate your mudroom in a way that matches the feel of the rest of your home.  On the other hand, maybe your mudroom should have a vibe all its own.  Either way, it should be a welcoming space that creates a sense of home.

Custom mudrooms should feel like a welcoming space, an extension of your entire home, not a cold, shed-like area.  One way to style your mudroom is through the use of seating and lighting.  While a bench is a practical addition to any mudroom, choose a style that creates the ambiance you desire.

Additionally, having several sources of light provides functionality as well as a sense of style.  Choose industrial lighting if you have a contemporary aesthetic, or try out lamps and plenty of natural light if you desire a homier feel.

Live It

A mudroom may serve as an entry to your home, a storage area or a laundry room, but it’s really a living space.  Design it with the same care you would a family room.  Your mudroom is, in part, where you and your family live, so don’t be afraid to incorporate your own sense of style.

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