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4 Ways to Use Wire Shelving to Organize Any Closet

Closet spaces vary dramatically between individuals; we’ve all been impressed by someone’s perfectly organized personal clothing depot or apprehensive about someone else’s whirlwind of shoes, sweatshirts, and cosmetic appliances. If…

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Pantry Storage: How to Save Money and Space

Good pantry use involves creating a space that provides the ideal conditions for long-term storage. A pantry keeps foods fresh when it’s organized to ensure a quick turnaround of your…

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How to Design A Pantry for the Modern Home

A modern kitchen needs a well-designed pantry. A recent National Association of Home Builders survey reported a pantry was the most sought-after kitchen feature among new home buyers. Pantries provide…

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How To Maximize the Space of a Small Pantry

For the enthusiast chef in the house, there is never enough pantry space. When cupboards are a disorganized mess, finding ingredients can take as long as cooking the dinner itself….

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Three Steps to a Neater Pantry

Having a place to store dried goods is an easy way to stock up on grocery store specials and always have it on standby. But sometimes, a pantry can become…

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Organizing Your Home for the Holidays—Part II

. In the last post, we looked at organizing your mudroom, garage, living/dining room, closets, and basement in time for the holidays. And in today’s post, we’ll take a look…

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Weekend Project: Organize a Messy Pantry

You know that feeling? The one where you open up your pantry door to figure out what’s for dinner, and everything is so amuck that you just close it and…

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Pantry Organizing Tips for Busy Moms

If you are a mom on the go, with kids in tow, chances are you don’t have a lot of extra time to sort through a cluttered pantry to put…

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Pantry Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

So you’ve got a tiny kitchen and a hungry household to feed. What’s the answer? Even if your pantry is a tiny space (or you don’t even have a pantry…

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6 Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

As one of the most commonly remodeled spaces in the home, the kitchen is a place for food, warmth, and conversation. As kitchen design trends change, they tend to follow…