6 Kitchen Design Trends for 2013

As one of the most commonly remodeled spaces in the home, the kitchen is a place for food, warmth, and conversation. As kitchen design trends change, they tend to follow the changes in how consumers use their kitchens, how much consumers are willing to spend on remodeling, and what’s new in kitchen design and styling. Here are few of the hottest kitchen design trends we see in 2013.

Pantry storage

1. Walk-In Pantry Storage
With today’s grab-and-go food mentality, a walk-in pantry makes it easy to keep plenty of snacks and staples on hand, store them within easy reach on your pantry shelves, and organize your dry goods for faster baking and cooking on weeknights. Even better, all your food is discreetly stored behind closed doors, and cabinet space is freed up for dishes, glassware, silverware, and cooking gadgets.

2. Wine Cabinets and Racks
How you display your wine collection is just as important as who you drink it with. Whether you have a wine cellar full of bottles or just a few treasured vintages, using wine cabinets and racks to store a sample of your collection in the kitchen is a great way to show off your taste and add to the elegance of your kitchen. You can even install a refrigerated wine cooler to maintain your wine at the perfect temperature and humidity level.

Wine racks

3. Kitchens as the New Family Room
The kitchen is fast becoming a central hub in the home—and for more than just cooking. Creating desk space for homework, integrating entertainment and technology into the kitchen, and adding comfortable seating for hanging out is a growing trend, especially for open floor plans. As a result, homeowners are choosing kitchen cabinets with elegant, refined styling, hiding the refrigerator, dishwasher, and walk-in pantry inside cabinet doors, and adding comfortable seating for meals, conversation, homework, and entertaining.

4. Work Stations
Even the hottest kitchen trend is doomed to fail if it’s not practical enough for daily life. Work stations are both practical and an opportunity for unique styling. Coffee bars, wine-tasting nooks, baking corners, and pizza assembly stations are just a few of the work stations cropping up in new homes and remodeling projects. Creating work stations allows you to personalize your kitchen based on how your family wants to use the allotted space.

5. Budgeting Compromise
Although the economy is still sluggish, that’s not stopping homeowners from adding to the value of their home with a kitchen remodel. While budget remains a concern, consumers are choosing to save on items that are less important to them (such as refinishing cabinets instead of replacing them) and splurge on the features they really want (such as granite countertops or a walk-in pantry).

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