Pantry Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

So you’ve got a tiny kitchen and a hungry household to feed. What’s the answer? Even if your pantry is a tiny space (or you don’t even have a pantry at all), you might be surprised how much you can store when you use the space you have available as efficiently as possible. These pantry storage ideas for small kitchens will get you started with creative storage solutions for your pantry.

Pantry Wire Shelving

1. Think pull-outs.
If you can’t reach items buried in the back of your pantry, how useful is that? Pull-out drawers and cabinets allow you to use every inch of space without having to unload an entire shelf just to reach a can of beans in the back.

Since pull-outs can be narrow but deep, you can use a tiny storage space for your pantry and still be able store a lot of food! Rubbermaid wire pull-outs are cheaper than built-in cabinets and adjust for remodeling in the future.

2. Don’t take adjustable shelving for granted.
If your cans are only 6 inches high but the space between shelves is 12 inches, you’re wasting space. Make the shelves only as tall as they need to be so that you can add more pantry shelving and use the space efficiently. Use pull-out shelves to make it easy to reach items in the back.

3. Repurpose a large kitchen cabinet as your pantry.
Don’t have a pantry? A large cabinet in your kitchen can do the same thing. With shelving, pull-outs, and spice racks, any cabinet can become a mini pantry in no time.

4. Steal a closet for your pantry.
No room in the kitchen? What about a hallway closet just outside the kitchen or an unused space nearby? If you love to stock up or hoard away food for emergencies, even a closet or storage space further from the kitchen can double as a pantry storage area.

By installing wire shelving, pull-out drawers, and door racks, you can turn almost any ordinary closet into a pantry that fits your needs.

5. Use counter space and nooks.
Are there dry goods or spices that you use frequently? Consider storing them on the counter, above the fridge, on top of the microwave, or in a nook with attractive glass jars, stoneware, or a spice rack. Storing items out in the open is a handy way to decorate your kitchen as well as a practical way to store food.

Pantry Storage & Shelving – Minneapolis
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