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Custom Garage Cabinets to Organize & Tidy Your Garage

Spring and summer offer so much that winter puts on hold. For adults, perhaps it’s yard work, opportunities to get out and wash the car, or make exterior repairs to…

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How to Get The Most of a Small Garage Space

Here at Harkraft we know that a small garage can mean big problems. If pulling into your garage every night feels a little like parting the odds-and-ends sea, then you…

Garage Storage

Five Easy-Peasy Ways to Boost Storage Space In Your Garage

When you initially moved into your home and spied the garage, you may have been thrilled with the amount of space you had available. However, the garage is most often…

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Getting Everything You Need Out of Your Garage

The garage is, all too often, a piece of the property that’s neglected in comparison to everything else. It’s rarely insulated, has few if any windows, and stands silently by…

Garage Storage Organization

Garage Organization Preparations for Spring

Winter may have handed us Polar Vortex Round II, but never mind what Punxsutawney Phil predicted: spring is arriving and it’s just around the corner. This also means that it’s…

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Organization Trends of 2014

. With the year barely a month old, organization trends are already developing and Harkraft is already on top of them. Here’s what to watch out for in 2014.

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Organizing Your Home for the Holidays—Part I

. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to get organizing so your house is spruced up and tiday for family and friends. But cleaning up your house…

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4 Steps to a Tidier Garage Storage System

A garage storage system can be one of the best places in a home for storage and organization, but its open-concept space and freedom to organize in so many different…

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5 Tips for Mudroom Storage Organization

Mudroom and Foyer Organization When you or anyone else steps foot inside your house, your foyer will be the first thing that’s seen and the first impression that’s made. Make…

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4 Steps to Clean Out the Garage

As time goes on, you collect stuff, stuff, and more stuff. No matter what you do, there is no avoiding it. And where does this plethora of collectibles, keepsakes, and…