Organizing Your Home for the Holidays—Part I


With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to get organizing so your house is spruced up and tiday for family and friends. But cleaning up your house doesn’t need to take a lot of effort, just a smart one.

Ground Floor

The first floor of your house is the first part your guests will see, so comb through that first.

Mudroom Organizer

With winter just about here, your guests will have a lot of gear with them—hats, coats, scarves, boots and gloves. Start by making sure you’ve got a good mudroom organizer system, like one with pull-out cubbies for footwear, rods for hanging coats and jackets, or hooks on the walls for miscellaneous storage.

Mudroom storage

Living and Dining Room

If you’re hosting a holiday meal, there’ll be a lot of traffic between the kitchen, living room, and dining room. However you organize the eating areas, clear a path between these rooms so people can walk through easily.


Your guests will need a place to park when they visit, and space on the streets can run out very easily. Install a work station and pegboard so you can organize all your gear neatly, and leave more room for cars. No matter the size, you can have a garage storage system that exactly suits your needs.

Second Floor

Holiday feasts and fetes aren’t just confined to the ground floor, as you might want to store extra coats in a spare bedroom or have a designated room for entertainment.


Choose between either a reach in or walk in closet, depending on how much space you have in your house and the kind of entertaining you’ll be doing.

You can select between either a wire shelving or laminate shelving design for your closet—for both reach in and walk in closets—with benefits to both. Wire shelving closets maximize the space available, which can come in handy when you have a lot of guests. But with laminate shelving, you can play around with the colors and shapes to impress anyone you have over.



Chances are, you probably won’t be hosting your big Christmas dinner downstairs, but using it instead for wine storage. At Harkraft, our professionals can help you choose the perfect wine cellar based on your collection, design tastes, and space, giving you the best storage area possible.

And with so many options when it comes to design and installation, you’ll want to invite all your guests down with you when you grab another bottle of wine for dinner.

This holiday season, let Harkraft help you organize your home for all your holiday parties and get-togethers, with the benefits lasting long after the last light has been turned off. Next week we’ll look at bathroom organization for the holidays but until then, remember that all new clients get 25% their first order! Contact Harkraft today to get started on your holiday home organization.