Do You Have the Right Shower Door?

Renovating your bathroom comes with a multitude of tasks that may seem overwhelming. You’ve got to decide on flooring, fixtures, cabinets, and the all-important shower. If you’re updating your current shower or adding one altogether, you’ll more than likely be making all sorts of important decisions, including but not limited to deciding on your shower doors.

While choosing some doors may seem like a simple feat, it can get quite complicated. When determining which shower door you want, you must include the dimensions of your shower, your budget, how often you’ll want to clean it, and how much space there is between the shower and walls, doors, or other fixtures in the bathroom. Your door needs to be functional while also showing off your personal style and aesthetic. Ultimately, your available space, budget, and style preferences will help you decide on the best shower door for you.

Dimensions and Space

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a shower door is the available space—the dimensions of your shower and bathroom. A smaller bathroom may not have room for a door that swings outward, so keeping in mind the size and space you’re working with will help the renovation run smoothly. In some cases, a shower door that swings in to allow for more room will be necessary, or you might even consider choosing a bi-fold shower door.

If you have a shower that is larger, though, you have more room to be creative. You may be able to install a wider shower, thus giving you room to have a bigger shower door. You might even have enough room to have a door that swings outward, allowing for more air circulation.


Your budget, of course, will be something that determines many aspects during a renovation, including the type of shower door you eventually have installed. While you may not think that shower doors can get very expensive, you might be surprised. But don’t be alarmed—you can still find a sleek, modern frameless door or a classic sliding door that fits into your budget.


One thing that can get overlooked when searching for a shower door is determining how often you want to clean it. A door that swings outward provides more ventilation, thus decreasing the amount of mold and mildew build-up inside your shower. Even choosing between a framed or frameless door matters. A framed door can cause soap scum build-up, whereas a frameless door will be easier to wipe down.


The look of your shower will depend entirely upon your own personal style preference and budget. A modern, frameless shower door will cost nearly twice as much as a framed door, but don’t let that discourage you if your heart is set on a modern style; you can still find a framed door that looks just as chic as a frameless one. And if you’re set on that a specific look, semi-frameless doors can be a good compromise between the styles.

Consider the size and shape of your shower, too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the classic boxed shape; consider trying a neo-angled shower that fits nicely into a corner. This will also optimize the space in your bathroom, allowing for more room elsewhere.

Choosing how the shower will open is another aspect of creating a specific style. You can opt for a swing door, slide door, or even just have a partial enclosure. Slide doors can be great for saving space in smaller bathrooms. A pivot door, a type of swing door, can be a great option for those looking to have a sleek, glass door. The door opens through pivot points on the top and bottom of the door, so hinges aren’t a visible distraction.

Having clear glass panels will also provide a more open feeling to your bathroom, making it feel bigger, but if clear glass isn’t your thing, you can opt for a textured glass finish. You can even choose a pattern etched into the glass to reflect the design of your bathroom. Frosted glass panels also provide a more private experience and are less likely to show as much dirt and grime.

Choose Your Shower Door with Harkraft

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