12 Elements of Beautiful Bathroom Design

Bathrooms have evolved from a simple place where one could shower to a serene escape. With the rise of sophisticated trends in home décor, it was only about time that the first places to change would be the bathroom. From vintage to modern and elegant, different elements can be used to transform any bathroom. A modern bathroom adds a taste of sophistication, elegance and class to a home. What really constitutes a modern bathroom? Well, these are the elements you can find in a modern bathroom.

Faucets and sinks

We don’t use our bathroom just to shower; at times we just need to do simple hygienic activities such as washing our faces, hands and brushing our teeth. Faucets and sinks are among the basic elements that you are sure to find in a modern bathroom. The modern day bathrooms are equipped with faucets and a sink or probably more than one sink. Faucets are also found within bathtubs and showers.

Bathroom tiling

Modern bathrooms have tiles on the floor and walls. Tiles increase the bathroom’s physical attraction and a modern bathroom is supposed to have an elegant and attractive look. Who would want their bathrooms looking dull and boring anyway? Tiles come in different colors, styles, patterns and designs. They help bring a wonderful experience to the bathroom user by lightening up the bathroom and making it more attractive.

Bathroom mirrors

You are sure to find at least one mirror in a modern bathroom. Mirrors have become an essential part of our lives and modern day bathrooms acknowledge that. Other than using the mirrors to view ourselves, mirrors have other functions too in a bathroom. They add the illusion of extra space and also make statements in the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors come in different sizes, shapes, styles and designs.

Shower doors

A shower door instantly upgrades your bathroom giving it an instant makeover from boring shower

to ultra chic, modern bathroom The aluminum and glass constructed doors are usually the alternatives of shower curtains, thus function as water barriers keeping the water within the shower or bathtub and keeping it from splashing all over the place. Shower doors come in different styles; frameless shower doors, framed ones, sliding, swinging etc.

Shower curtains

As stated earlier, shower curtains prevent water from splashing to the other parts of the bathroom. They enclose the shower or bathtub areas and are made of vinyl or plastic materials. Shower curtains are usually attached to rails or curtain rods on the ceiling. The railings come in different styles and are flexible so as to accommodate the different bathtub and showers designs and shapes.


Some modern bathrooms have showers while others have bathtubs. Other bathrooms come with a combination of both! Modern bathrooms have showers with adjustable, temperatures and spray pressure, thus you can basically decide to use warm, cold or whatever temperature you deem fit for you at your preferred pressure. The choice is yours.

Modern bathrooms also have showers that come with shower heads that you can adjust while showering to spray water in different patterns and nozzles that can be adjusted to preferred heights too.


As said earlier, you can either find a shower, bathtub or a combination of both the shower and bathtub in a modern bathroom. Bathtubs come in different designs and sizes. The most common traditionally known type of bathtub is the oval shaped bathtub, however, there are other shapes such as rectangular and pedestal urns. The tubs should be free standing in nature.


Modern bathrooms should ooze of authenticity and competence in their finishing.  If the bathroom has a finishing made of wood, then the wood in it should be highly visible, if it is made of concrete then the concrete in it should be highly visible. Modern bathrooms have materials that ‘speak out’. This brings out a sense of style.


You are likely to find a huge sense of contrast in a modern bathroom. This brings out the ‘drama’ in it making the bathroom livelier. The contrast can be in terms of material where you mix different types of materials such as concrete and wood or color where different types of contrasting colors are mixed such as black and white.


A modern bathroom should have a sense of space. Even if it is not real, an illusion of space should be created. As said before, a modern bathroom is designed to offer serenity. Having an enclosed and crowded place for a bathroom might give a sense of much enclosure. An adequate open space brings out the sense of freedom, fresh air and lightness.

Bathroom lighting

This is a crucial element for every modern bathroom. There are plenty of lighting choices available. Modern designs are all about lines and shapes. These should be highly observed when placing lights and window fixing in the bathroom.

Having natural lights is a great idea for the bathroom since it makes the room look more natural.


As said earlier, modern bathroom colors are done in a contrasting manner e.g. black and white colors. This is with the aim of creating interest to the person using the bathroom. Soothing simplicity should also be considered in order to create serenity.

Modern bathrooms might have some elements that you would find in the other ordinary bathrooms, the difference however, arises from the fact that the modern bathrooms have a way of bringing out the sense of class and style creating a good and serene experience for the user.