3 Best Ways to Keep Your Harkraft Shower Doors Clean

At Harkraft, we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality products available, whether it’s something as small as a quality mirror or something larger and more used, like your shower doors. The latter in particular gets a lot of wear and tear because it’s used at least everyday, but that also means it needs extra care in keeping it looking good for the long-term. Here, we give you the best tips on how to keep your shower doors looking sparkling and clean no matter how long you’ve had them.


Tip 1: Squeegee the Doors Dry Every Time

You’ve no doubt heard of the expression “a stitch in time saves nine”, and it’s very true in this case. A lot of the time, the water coming in through your showerhead is hard water, which means there’s a fairly substantial amount of dissolved minerals in it. This is neither bad nor good, just how water gets filtered through before it reaches your shower.

What isn’t so nice to deal with is the scummy film it leaves on your glass shower doors, which, over time, can build up to leave a translucent layer on the glass. So instead of trying to tackle the problem when it’s gotten bad, keep a squeegee by your shower and remove the water from the doors as soon as you’re done showering. Then, when you clean them, the job will be infinitely easier.

Tip 2: Keep Your Bathroom Well Ventilated

Along with squeegeeing your shower doors, you can help the process along by ventilating your bathroom so the shower doors dry faster on their own. Plus, it also helps prevent mold and mildew from forming, which is super tough to get off your walls and doors. And with simply turning on a fan or opening a window one of the easiest things you can, there’s no reason that your shower doors should ever look scummy.

Shower Door 3

Tip 3: Start Stocking Up On Fabric Softener Sheets

If the thought of rubbing a fabric softener sheet on your shower doors sounds odd, you’re not alone. This is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to keeping the glass clear and sparkling, and it’s one we’re more than happy to pass onto you.

How this works is the sheets break up water spots, making it super easy to just wipe your door down after and go. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to just rely on this method, but rather use it in conjunction with the above ones to really keep them looking spotless.

Now that you’re armed with everything you need to know about keeping your shower doors looking clear and new, it’s time to invest in Harkraft shower doors to really go the extra mile. We’ve got a team of professionals ready to help you install anything you’re looking for, so give us a call today. Plus, all new customers will receive 25% off their first order!