Shower Doors and New Bathroom Looks


Shower doors are usually a far after though in home renovators’ minds, way behind kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and garages. But without good shower doors, the aesthetic and functionality of your bathroom is greatly diminished.


Space Considerations

The first thing you’ll want to consider is just how big or small your bathroom is. There’s no sense in installing giant hinge doors if there’s barely any room to turn around.

Swing Doors

Also called pivot or hinge doors, swing shower doors work how they sound: they open out into the bathroom like a regular door, and make the shower easy to access. And while they wouldn’t be well-suited to a smaller bathroom because of size constraints, they can be used when the shower door area is too small to accommodate a bypass door. If you’ve got an alcove or standalone shower, then chances are there’s a swing door on it, too.


Bypass Door

You might know them as sliding doors, but bypass doors tuck away easily and quietly. They’re almost twice as wide as swing doors, and can also be found in alcove or standalone showers, but can also be seen in bathtub showers with stationary panels. One of the biggest draws about bypass doors is how much space they save enormously on space.

Neo-Angle Doors

If you’ve got a corner shower with a neo-shower enclosure, these doors fit like a glove and can open left or right.

Round Doors

For corner stand-alone showers, round doors attach to the top and bottom for stability and control. The curved glass of the shower doors can be reversible and open inwards, saving on space.

Shower Door 3

Style of Frame

Shower doors come in one of two basic designs: framed, or frameless. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but really, whatever looks best to you can work in any bathroom.

Framed Doors

Just like their name, framed door designs have a border around the glass. The frame is usually made of aluminum or composite materials, and is an easy way to complement the decor you have in your bathroom, as well as adding a sleek, yet sturdy, aesthetic. While the track can accumulate water and needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid mildew build-up, they’re a less expensive option.

Shower Door 7


The visual appeal of a frameless door is unparalleled, providing a seamless, clean appearance. However, one thing to watch out for is when the contractors take off the frame, there’ll probably be tile discoloration and small holes in the walls. But if you clean the tiles and apply grout or sealant to the holes (just a little bit of legwork), then frameless is no problem.

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