How to Store Seasonal Items Throughout the Year and Keep It Organized

Throughout the year there are many different activities and events that happen that involve various equipment, decorations, or tools. The weather changes and you all of a sudden need to find that cozy sweater stashed away somewhere in the back of your closet. Storing seasonal clothes can be a hassle if you don’t have a lot of options. Holiday storage for decorations can seem overwhelming, too.

Having designated, organized spaces in your home can help relieve the stress that comes along with trying to keep things stored properly and efficiently. Reconfiguring your closet storage, adding extra cabinets in your garage, or even changing the function of your mudroom can make storing seasonal items a breeze.

Optimize Closet Storage

Storing summer clothes efficiently during the winter months is crucial to an organized closet. The same goes for storing winter clothes during the summer months. You don’t need all of those tank tops and shorts readily available when the temperature outside is below zero. As the seasons change, consider decluttering and donating some of your old clothes that you might not love or need anymore. This can help make organizing a breeze when the time comes to switch from warm weather clothes to cold weather clothes.

Think about reorganizing your closet space to create a more ideal storage situation for your seasonal items. Adding wire shelving can help minimize the amount of dust that accumulates throughout the year on seasonal clothes, and provide extra space in your closet. They are easily customizable for every closet; making it a great option for maximizing storage. If you have the ability, creating a customized walk-in closet can be beneficial for extra storage, as well.  

Amp Up Garage Storage

Many times we store all of our sports and outdoor equipment in the garage. It can definitely get a little messy if there isn’t a proper organization system in place. Tossing baseball bags and hockey gear among all of your gardening tools can create clutter and chaos. Each season, take some time to evaluate your garage and what is in it. Get rid of old tools you don’t need and donate old sports equipment that doesn’t get used.

Once you’ve done a little cleaning, really evaluate the space. Would more shelves help keep things organized? Do you think you might want to add cabinets? Adding cabinets can provide the extra storage, and the ability to hide unappealing items. They are also great for storing seasonal items that you don’t need at the moment.

During the summer months, keep your gardening tools, baseball equipment, and bike helmets in a more easily accessible spot, such as on wire shelves. Store your winter items in the cabinets since you won’t be needing them any time soon and then switch them out when the seasons change. Having proper storage in your garage is a great place to put seasonal items, as it will free up space in your house for other necessary items.

Redesign Your Mudroom

If you have a mudroom or have the space to create a mudroom, it can be a big advantage for seasonal storage. Most of the time, mudrooms act as a catchall for shoes, hats, coats, and backpacks. Consider adding lockers to your mudrooms to store school backpacks and jackets, or sports equipment when necessary.

Adding a bench with built-in storage is a great option, as well, because it will provide a place to store hats, gloves, and scarves during the winter months. Utilize floor to ceiling cabinets and lockers to optimize storage. Mudrooms are usually a small space, but with the added height of tall cabinets, it can feel bigger and provide more storage.

Get Perfectly Organized with Harkraft

Don’t stress anymore over not having enough storage options to store all of your seasonal items. At Harkraft, we can help you reconfigure your closet space, create the ultimate mudroom, and help you organize your garage. With over 50 years of expertise, we can help maximize your storage options in the most efficient way. Call us today or contact us online to request a design consultation.