Five Steps to Organizing your Mudroom or Entryway

We’ve all been there. You walk into your house and realize what a mess your entryway is. Coats, shoes, and bags are everywhere with no true place for them to be stored. Your mudroom storage is lacking and you have no idea where to begin. Well, look no further because we’ve got some steps you can follow to finally have your mudroom organization the way you’ve always wanted.

Step One: Figure Out Your Room’s Purpose

What is the function of this room? Is it a basic entryway or a true mudroom? Having a clear vision of what you want this space to accomplish or look like is a great place to start before diving into the organization aspect of your new space. Decide whether or not you want this space to be more aesthetic or functional.

Step Two: Make a Note of the Things That Aren’t Working for That Space

Take a step back and examine the area. Is there room for all those shoes sprawled out on the rug? Do you have enough hooks to hang jackets or backpacks? Maybe you’re just now realizing that the area is too small for all the items you have currently in it. Really considering what things are creating an unorganized space can help you decide what the space is lacking.

Step Three: Declutter

After you have realized what works and what doesn’t, you should go through and declutter the area. Decide what items really belong in that space and what doesn’t. We suggest making piles such as what is seasonal, what can be stored in a different place, and what should stay. Do those hockey bags belong in the mudroom during the summer months, or can they be stored away somewhere else until they are needed? You may have more seasonal or occasional items in the space than you thought, which can make you feel even more unorganized and cluttered when there isn’t much space for them. Creating boundaries for what should and shouldn’t be in the space can be extremely helpful, as well, and then look for storage solutions throughout the rest of your home to house these unneeded items. Maybe it’s time for a garage storage makeover?

Step Four: Identify Your Wants and Needs for the Space

You probably already have an idea of what you want this space to be, but figuring out exactly what those wants and needs are can help you stay organized in the long run. What works for someone else’s mudroom or entryway might not work for your own. For example, do you have your washer and dryer in this area? If so, you might consider a different style for the space than if it was only used to store coats, shoes, hats, gloves, or school items. For a laundry room, you might consider adding a drying rack that can be easily folded into the wall and hidden when it’s not in use. A drying rack can also be used to dry wet gloves, hats, and scarves during the winter months.

Step Five: Create Optimal Storage for the Space

The final, and arguably the most important, step in organizing your mudroom or entryway is creating optimal storage. After you’ve figured out your wants and needs for the space, decided what type of storage option is needed to keep the area clean and organized. Do you want to have hooks on the walls to hang coats and backpacks, or do you want to have closets for more hidden storage? If the area is not a true mudroom, you might consider options for entryway storage such as a bench that has built-in cubbies with baskets to store items. Pieces like these can provide both a functional and aesthetic aspect.

You might also consider creating zones for every family member. This way, you each have your own place in the area to store your things. At Harkraft, we can create custom storage solutions that perfectly meet all of your needs. From a few pieces to an entire storage system, our experts can help you determine which storage solution is right for your home.

Keep Your Mudroom and Entryway Organized with Harkraft

Now that you’ve got your space organized, the only thing left to do is maintain it. Sticking to a cleaning schedule can make all the difference to keeping your recently renovated area looking organized and clean year round.

If you are ready to organize and maximize the space in your entryway or mudroom, Harkraft can help! With over 50 years of expertise, we can help maximize your mudroom or storage in the most efficient way. Call us today or contact us online to request a design consultation.