Fashion or Function: What to Prioritize when Designing Your Pantry

Whether you’re creating a new pantry or redesigning an old one, it’s no secret that the pantry is the key to a properly functioning kitchen. Having a well-designed custom pantry can help keep your kitchen decluttered and organized, as well as save you money at the grocery store. The problem is deciding what type of design you want for your pantry and what to prioritize when it comes to the style and function of the space. While googling cute pantry ideas may give you inspiration, maximizing pantry space, storage, accessibility, and size are important factors to consider in your design.


The most important aspect of a good pantry design is the amount of storage it has. When it comes to deciding whether or not you want your storage to be aesthetically pleasing or functional, functional is the way to go, especially if you have a small pantry. Of course, at Harkraft, we’re happy to help you achieve both.

Having proper storage will ensure a more organized pantry, providing you with less stress from a cluttered space. It is easy to create aesthetically pleasing storage options, so you may not have to compromise between style and practicality. Baskets or other containers that serve as storage in your pantry can also serve as a hiding spot for the less appealing items, making the whole area more pleasing to look at. With custom pantry storage, you can create just about any design you like.

Location and Accessibility

The location and accessibility of your pantry should also be incorporated into a properly designed space. Do you want your pantry to be in the kitchen or just off the kitchen? Will it be a walk-in pantry? These are the things you might want to consider when designing the ideal pantry.

A pantry that also serves as a hallway can be designed for more aesthetic purposes. Having custom cabinets built with glass so you can see into them can show off some of your nicer dinnerware that may not be seen as much as your everyday bowls and plates. You can also add special lighting to highlight some of your nicer pieces.

Incorporating this along with regular cabinets can make for a beautiful design, but also one that is functional and easily accessible. A pantry that also serves as a hallway is a great option to have near a mudroom or entryway. That way it is easy to carry groceries from the car to the pantry without having to go all the way through your house.

If your pantry is in the kitchen, having it near your food prep area is an ideal location. This makes it more convenient when you are preparing dinner. Being able to reach in a grab the pasta quickly and then put it away after you’re done helps keep your countertops clean and organized during dinner prep.

Size and Space

Along with location and accessibility, you want to prioritize the size and space of your pantry. If you have the room, a walk-in pantry is ideal for maximizing storage. They can fit large quantities of dry goods and even appliances that are not used often.

If you have limited space, optimizing the storage options inside your pantry is crucial. Consider the use of the back of the door or cabinet, as well. This area can be utilized and create more space for items. When designing your pantry, be realistic with how much space you think you will need. You don’t want to have space that is unused, but you also want to have enough room for everything to be stored comfortably.


The type of shelving you use in your pantry, and how it is placed, will play a major role in how well your pantry will serve you. Function should outweigh aesthetic when it comes to this. Consider adjustable, wire shelving. This type of shelving can grow as you do, giving you room to adjust throughout the years. Plus, they are easier to clean and don’t collect as much dust and debris as normal shelves.

Create Your Custom Pantry With Harkraft

If you are ready to build a new pantry or just redesign your current one, we’ve got you covered! At Harkraft, we have high-quality storage solutions for every need, including wire shelving, door and wall racks, and pantry organizers. Contact us today to get started in creating the ideal pantry for your home!