3 Spaces to Transform with Wire Shelving

Admit it, you don’t have enough storage shelving. Sure, you’ve got some closets and probably a garage, but empty closets and walls are just wasted space in your home.

Let’s change that. You need more storage, and you aren’t going to get very far stacking things on the floor. Shelves maximize space and create more square footage for all of your things.

At Harkraft, we’ve been creating innovative wire shelving units for over 50 year. We love wire shelving, and we think you will, too.  If you’re planning to redo specific spaces that always seem to lack storage (like a pantry, or bedroom closet), wire shelving can be a lifesaver. Let’s take a look at three spaces you can easily transform into a custom closet with the help of some wire shelving.

The Pantry

One benefit of wire shelving is that it doesn’t collect dust like traditional shelving. When you’re storing food, the last thing you want is dust to come pouring out every time you pull down a box. There’s nothing grosser than accumulated dust on your food stash. Wire shelving can help you organize your pantry without the grime.


Our wire shelving comes in standard width and depth sizes. The width will depend on the size of your space, of course, but we recommend shallower depths a the pantry space. It might seem like a good idea to build deep shelves for more storage, but you’re going to get annoyed reaching around things. Trust us, go with a standard 18” depth at the most.

Odd Spaces

Wire shelving can fit right into the corners. You can stack shelves of different heights all the way up to the ceiling. But, you’re still missing one of the most accessible spaces in your pantry; the back of the door.

Hanging shelving on the door gives you easy access to the things you use the most. Basket style shelves keep everything in place, so your disinfectant wipes and your favorite cereal are right at your fingertips.


A downside to wire shelving is that little things can fall through the cracks. Shelf liners keep things in their rightful place while still being easily removed for cleaning.

Baskets that attach to the shelves or racks underneath the shelves help corral other odds and ends into comfortable view as well. As you plan your wire shelving units, leave some space for these additions. As you use the area, you’ll figure out where to put them.

The Garage

We’ve all done it. At some point, you packed so much stuff in your garage that there wasn’t any space for your car. Maybe you thought “Oh I’ll move this box later” and now your car has been sitting in the driveway for a month. Enough is enough. Cars belong in garages, and your belongings belong on a shelf.

“Our most common request for garages is to give everything a home but, put it all behind doors so no matter what’s going on within you feel organized!”

Visual Organization

A considerable benefit of wire shelving is that you can see through it. Shelves located above your head are still visible because you can see underneath the shelf. It also creates a visual flow in your garage, so you don’t feel so claustrophobic once you get everything up on the wall.


Wire shelving can hold a lot. The braces are designed to distribute weight and hold some of the most substantial loads outside of industrial steel shelving. Wood shelves will buckle eventually, so avoid them in your garage.

Garage storage items can be bulky, but setting up wire shelves, especially if you let the professionals handle the design, can give you maximum storage at maximum safety and durability.


You can go a little deeper with shelves in the garage than in the pantry because chances are those items are bigger anyway. Standard shelving depths can be as much as 24 inches, but in custom shelves, you can get something deeper. Be sure to measure so that the shelving doesn’t get in the way of parking your car.

The Linen Closet

Wire shelving can also transform your linen closet for the same reasons as the pantry. It doesn’t trap dirt and dust, and there are easily customizable spaces (back of the door) and accessories (shelf liners) to go with them.


We recommend measuring the same way you did for the pantry. Keep shelves somewhat narrow so you don’t lose things way in the back and to make it easier to see everything you have.

Consult the Wire Shelving Experts

If you aren’t sure where to begin, our experienced team can help. Our experts are ready to tackle any of your wire shelving wants and needs. From bedrooms to wine cellars, we’ve done it all and we’re ready to help you complete your next project with custom wire shelving solutions. Contact us today so we can begin to solve your current storage shelving problems.