Top 3 Places to Improve Home Storage

Most homeowners find themselves wishing they had more storage capacity in their home. Whether it’s extra closet space, somewhere to store seasonal decorations, or being able to store pantry items to take advantage of bulk pricing, the more storage capacity your home has, the better.

Luckily for homeowners, there are plenty of easy and affordable do-it-yourself projects that can boost your home’s storage capacity.  You don’t need to break the bank and alter the design of your home with a renovation.

Here are 3 areas of your home that are perfect for increasing storage capacity.

Bedroom Closet

Who wouldn’t want more closet storage in our bedroom? When it comes to closet space in the bedroom, many homeowners bemoan their lack of hanging space. When you’re tight on closet space, you’re forced to organize by season. In-season clothing gets a hanger, off-season clothing gets folded and stored in a bin. While that gets the job done, it leaves you with wrinkled and creased clothing when the season changes.  Sound familiar?

You closest not having enough hanging space doesn’t mean the closet is a lost cause. By taking advantage of the vertical space in your closet  you can greatly increase the amount of clothing you can store in your closet. Above your hanging rod, install a row or two of shelving to store bags, folded sweaters, t-shirts, or the out-of-season clothing you traditionally jam into a bin.

After you boost your storage capacity by adding a upper shelf, take advantage of the lower parts of your closet as well. Shoe racks and small dressers can be positioned in the space between the floor and where the bottoms of your clothes hang. Also, you can re-adjust the position of your hanging rod and see if you can install a second rod to store pants, skirts, shorts, or shorter objects.


Your mudroom is an excellent space to shed outdoor clothing and keep dirt and moisture from tracking into your home. With some strategic storage planning, your mudroom can also possess excellent storage capacity.

One of our favorite ways to increase storage capacity in the mudroom is to create a shelving system that contained individual cubbies for each member of your house. With so many items being dumped in the mudroom on a daily basis, the area can quickly get messy and disorganized. When you’re in a rush to head to work and it’s chilly out, it can be incredibly frustrating to dig through a mound of clothes belonging to four different people to find your winter gloves.

But with cubbies, you won’t waste time. Create segmented areas similar to lockers and make sure you maximize your vertical space. Have each vertical space feature designated places to store items. Shoes and boots on a rack of shelf on the bottom, small hanging rods for jackets and water resistant pants to hang, small baskets for storing gloves, scarves, hats, and winter socks, and also a little personal space for each person to use how they like. This space can store handbags, duffel bags, sporting equipment, backpacks, you name it.


Having a pantry allows homeowners to declutter their kitchen, take advantage of bulk pricing on  non-perishable foods or cleaning supplies, and, if done right, can be an excellent area to boost general storage in your home.

Similar to improving the storage of a bedroom closet or your mudroom, you want to be smart and purposeful with your pantry storage. While you want to be able to store a bunch of stuff in your pantry, you don’t want it to be so filled with items that  waste 10 minutes searching when you need a tablespoon of brown sugar and another jar of peanut butter. The secret? Use up vertical space, and label your organizational strategy.

By labeling and grouping similar items, you find what you need when you need it. Keep baking items with baking items, snacks with snacks, seasonal tableware with extra cups and table settings, cleaning supplies with cleaning supplies.

Here are some tips for creating a awesome storage system for your pantry using wire shelving.

Increase Home Storage with Harkraft

If you’re tired of walking out to the garage or climbing into the attic to retrieve something you’re storing, call Harkraft and let us help your with your next storage project. Whether you need to boost the storage of one of the areas we detailed above, or if you need more space in your garage or bathroom, we’re eager and ready to help!