Choosing the Right Wine Glasses to Have in Your Home

So you’ve just finished designing your home wine cellar, you’ve filled it with all your favorite types of wine, and you want to host a wine tasting to show it off, but you realize you have no idea what kind of wine glasses to use. The contours and shape of a glass can impact the aromas of a wine and how much air it comes in contact with, as well as the taste and even the temperature of the wine. It’s no secret that different types of wines should be paired with certain types of glasses, but how do you know what to choose?


Choosing a size for your wine glasses is an important decision. Red and white wines will ideally have different sized bowls, as well as champagne glasses. The size of your wine glass will impact the amount of air the wine is exposed to. When you are tasting a red wine, having a bigger, wider glass will provide more surface area when you swirl it, thus allowing more air exposure and promoting oxidation. This encourages alcohol evaporation, which creates the wine’s aroma. You want to make sure you are purchasing glasses that will enhance the aroma of your wine since your sense of taste is directly impacted by your sense of smell.

On the other hand, for lighter white wines, you want to stick to a smaller glass. They are best enjoyed with only slight oxidation, as too much can mask the distinction of more delicate varietals. Narrower, taller bowls can also preserve the temperature of chilled white wines. And lastly, champagne glasses are ideally tall and narrow to prevent losing the carbonation of your favorite bubbly.


Deciding on a shape for your wine glasses is another tricky factor. Some manufacturers suggest certain shapes that will enhance a particular wine’s aroma. While shape can help preserve, open-out, or channel various aromas and flavors, when choosing the right shape for you, be aware of how and why different styles will offer different experiences. You might find that the manufacturer’s suggestion differs from your preference, so we suggest experimenting with different shapes to find your ideal one.


Another factor to consider is the thickness of your glass. While some may suggest that a thicker glass can alter the temperature of your wine, the thickness is really just an added option. Thinner glasses are more for aesthetic purposes, and while they can be more expensive, they look a lot nicer, thus enhancing your overall wine experience. If you aren’t worried about your guests’ perception of whether or not your glasses are valuable or not, then the thickness of your glasses is whatever you prefer.

Stem vs. Stemless

Stemless wine glasses have been making their way onto the consumer market in the last few years, and for good reason. They are modern, unique, versatile even though they’ve been the glass of choice in Europe for years. Stemless wine glasses can be a great option if you have children or pets around since they are not as easy to be grabbed by little hands or knocked over by Fido running into the table. On the contrary, the stem can be more appealing not only for aesthetic purposes but while drinking chilled wines, it won’t allow the temperature of your hands to impact the temperature of the wine. A stem can also prevent fingerprints from accumulating all over your glass. Like many other aspects, going with a stem or stemless wine glass is all about your personal preference.


Last, but not least, an extremely important factor when purchasing wine glasses is your budget. How much time will you be spent using the glasses? Would you be able to find a similar glass at a cheaper price elsewhere? Setting a budget can limit the type and style of glass you might be able to purchase, but it can help prevent you from overpaying, as well.

Complete Your Wine Offerings with Harkraft

With so many different styles, shapes, and sizes of wine glasses it can be extremely overwhelming when choosing the right one for you. Taking your time and considering all of these options can lead you down the right track. The bottom line is that while all of these factors are important to consider, it ultimately comes down to your personal preference, so choose whichever style you feel enhances your overall wine experience. Whether you want you’re looking to store 5 bottles or 500, at Harkraft we can help you complete the wine cellar of your dreams.