7 Best Wineries and Vineyards in Minnesota

The smell of the earth, the warmth of the sun and the rows of neatly-kept trees are just some of the reasons you should support your local winemakers. Wine isn’t just fermented grapes, it’s flavors from the earth mingled together to create a taste unlike any other. Breathing the clean air and earthy tones calm the senses and excite the palate, so you may find it well worth the effort to head out to the countryside.

Wineries and vineyards can be some of the most fun outings which have a tendency to be overlooked. Oftentimes they’re a bit of a drive, so it may not be the first thing which comes to mind. Minnesota may not be the most well-known place for wineries in the country, but it definitely has some gems you should see. Don’t miss out on these top seven places based on consumer reviews. Do your own research and map out the routes to see which one is best for you. It’s hard to go wrong with gorgeous settings and fellow wine-lovers. Whether you’re a die-hard wine fanatic or just someone who wants to check out a new scene, take a look at a few of the choices below.

Four Daughter’s Winery

Monday to Thursday: 11am to 7pm

Friday to Saturday: 11am to 9pm

Sunday: 11am to 5pm

78757 MN-16

Spring Valley, MN 55975

(507) 346-7300

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Both scenic and welcoming, this winery is a favorite for many Minnesotans. They come here for the atmosphere, food and wine. Their specialty is white wine, and they would love to share their unique flavors with you. They’re happy to educate wine novices should they want some instruction, so don’t be afraid to visit if you don’t know what the word varietal means. Of course, you won’t be out of place if you’re a wine expert either! Learn more about how to pair different types of foods as you drink your way through different flights.

Carlos Creek Winery

(Hours vary by season.)

From June to August:

Monday to Friday: 11am to 6pm

Saturday: 11am to 7pm

Sunday: 12pm to 6am

6693 Co Rd 34 NW

Alexandria, MN 56308

(320) 846-5443


Carlos Creek Winery has a mission to bring you some fun when you visit their winery, and their customers appear to be quite pleased with the results. Check out their live music, wine tours or even their grape stomping parties in September. This truly interactive experience creates a solid connection with those who visit to make them a local and regional favorite. Their love of the entire process, care in cultivation and obsession with quality is not diminished by their lively spirits and carefree attitudes.

wine jar from refrigerator

Cannon River Wineries

(Hours vary by season)

May to October

Monday to Thursday: 11am to 7pm

Friday to Saturday: 11am to 9pm

Sunday: 11am to 6:00pm

421 Mill Street West

Cannon Falls, MN 55009

(507) 263-7400


Cannon River Winery received the Minnesota Winery of the Year in 2013 and they pride themselves on every color of wine they produce. Their land was chosen carefully to create the most ideal conditions for growing, and they take extra care in how they harvest for superior taste and quality. Come for their romantic setting and stay for their knowledgeable staff.

Alexis Bailley

(Hours vary by season.)

May to Thanksgiving

Friday to Sunday: 11am to 5:30pm

18200 Kirby Ave S

Hastings, MN 55033

(651) 437-1413


 chilled wine

Minnesota has some harsh winters, so it’s not entirely a surprise that places like southern France, Italy and California get all the accolades for best wines. However, the Alexis Bailley winery was the first vineyard planted, and to a rousing success. It takes a lot of guts and a forward-thinking mind to come up with new ideas like that, so try this winery if just to honor that kind of spirit. Great grapes can grow anywhere when you know how to cultivate the soil, so stop here if you’re in the area or make it a destination weekend to experience this game-changing space in Minnesota.

Winehaven Winery

Monday; Thursday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Sunday: 1am to 5pm

10020 Deer Garden Lane

Chisago City, MN 55013

(651) 257-1017


The local family who operates the winery has roots in making honey, so you’ll find a distinctive bee featured on their labels. Their staff is still small and dedicated to the art of fine wines, even with their growing success. Pair some cheese and crackers to your favorite red as you enjoy the grounds or take an educational tour. Find a great selection to fit any craving and enjoy the peacefulness which comes from being able to sip and stay.

Falconer Vineyards

Wednesday to Friday: 12pm to 8pm

Saturday: 10am to 8pm

Sunday: 12pm to 6pm

3572 Old Tyler Rd

Red Wing, MN 55066

(651) 388-8849


Six and a half acres of grapes, friendly staff and delicious food: those are just a few reasons to try Falconer’s Vineyards. You can snack on wood-fired pizzas (they start serving them at the end of May) as you gaze out onto the valley below. Stop by when you have some extra time in the area for a quick bite, a dry red or just the views.

Flower Valley Vineyards Winery

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 11am to 7pm

Sunday: 11am to 5pm

29212 Orchard Rd

Red Wing, MN 55066



Flower Valley Vineyards is situated on an old farm in a valley. Locals enjoy this place for the friendly staff who truly love the wine they produce. Date nights, Saturday afternoons and even a wedding shower would benefit from this charming setting and a few glasses of delicious and refreshing wine. Let the people there help you learn how to pair wines just by recommendations or try one of their specialty dinners where they match up everything you drink with the perfect bite. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, there’s nothing better than a sophisticated evening filled with delectable food and wine.