Summer Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Summer nights are made for parties, wine, and hanging out with friends. Why not host a wine tasting party this summer as an excuse to get your friends together and try out a few new wines? By making wine the focus of your party, you naturally give your guests something to talk about with other partygoers, even if they don’t know anyone. Plus, you don’t have to remember who likes to drink beer and who prefers margaritas—all you need are a few bottles of wine from the collection in your wine cellar.

wine cellar

1. Choose a setting.
Where you decide to host your wine tasting party will set the tone for the type of party you want to plan, whether it’s a formal tasting or a casual event. If you have a wine cellar with a wine tasting area, you can impress your guests with your collection of wines and allow them to choose their favorites for the tasting. For a formal party, plan a sit-down dinner by pairing wines with each course. Outdoor wine tasting parties are popular in the summer, and they are the best option if you don’t want to limit your guest list. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

2. Make a list. Check it twice.
First requirement for guests on your list: love of wine. Besides being wine lovers, your guests should be people you love being around and who can easily mix with your other guests. Let your guests know they can bring a friend or partner if they would like, but make sure you have enough room (and enough wine glasses) for everyone.

summer wine

3. Pick your wine list.
Choose a variety of wines. Everyone has different tastes in wine, but with several different kinds to try, each of your guests is sure to find a favorite. Select a variety of white wines and red wines, along with a vintage and a local wine to mix things up. You can either select bottles from the collection in your wine cellar or purchase bottles just for the party. Six wines is usually a good number to shoot for—not too many wines to overwhelm your guests but enough to make the tasting worth it.

4. Pair it with food.
This is where you need to decide if you want a formal sit-down party or a casual get-together, where guests can mingle on the lawn or patio. A casual wine party is the easiest to plan. All you need are a variety of cheeses, artisan breads, and other gourmet finger foods. Chocolate-dipped strawberries make for a perfect dessert.

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