The Best Ways to Store Shoes

More than likely, you wear shoes every day. You wear them to the gym, to run errands, to work, or to a fancy dinner. Chances are, you have several different types of shoes, which means every member of your family also has several different types. This can make storing all these pairs of shoes difficult.

Something that every homeowner wants in their house is a lot of storage options. While we’re always thinking about where to put our food, clothes, and towels, sometimes storing shoes gets overlooked. They’re often thrown in a general area making it feel cluttered and look messy. Not to mention, your shoes can become ruined if they are just sloppily tossed into a bin underneath your husband’s heavy work boots. Shoe storage doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated, though. There are several ways to get to the top of the shoe organization game.

Shoe Closet

If you have a large family, or even if you’re someone who just has a lot of shoes, consider having a closet designed just for your shoe storage. Within your shoe closet, wire shelving can help keep dust, dirt, and debris from accumulating. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain, making it a great option for shoes that often have outside elements on them.

Wire shelving can be especially helpful for winter boots. It gives them a place to dry properly without ruining the surface they are sitting on. Although, if you have a lot of heels, consider having some solid shelving, too, as they can fall through wire shelving easily.

A shoe closet is great for keeping your home looking clean and organized, as well. You can have your shoe closet in your mudroom or entryway, making it easy to put them away as soon as you get in the house rather than just kicking them off and leaving them on the floor.

Other Shoe Storage Options

If you don’t have an extra closet that isn’t being used, consider a shoe rack. This can be small, large, or even hanging. Having a shoe rack will keep shoes off the floor and more organized. There are several different styles of racks you can choose from. An over-the-door rack is a great option if you don’t have a lot of floor space.

Shoe organizers can be another great way to store your shoes. They can be stand-alone units or even hang in a closet. Shoe organizers can be great if you don’t have a lot of shoes. Plus, they help keep pairs together.

For boots, you should consider hanging them. Often taller boots slouch over, taking up more space but with boot hangers it not only keeps them in their intended shape but also frees up the floor or shelves for other shoes.

If you are still having trouble keeping your shoe area clean and organized, try storing seasonal shoes such as winter boots and sandals in a separate area. Maybe you have a designated cabinet in your garage for all of your seasonal items, or you have a closet in your basement for winter clothes. Whatever it might be, taking the time to organize your seasonal items will definitely help get your on track to being more organized.

Create a Custom Closet with Harkraft

Custom closets don’t have to be just for your clothes or in your bedroom. Custom shoe closets can be a lifesaver for an unorganized shoe collection. Consult with one of Harkraft’s design experts to determine if wire shelving or solid shelving is a better option for your shoe storage. If you don’t need a whole closet dedicated for your shoes, maybe reconfiguring your current closet to be more shoe friendly is all you need. With over 50 years of organizational experience, Harkraft can help you fix your storage problems. Schedule an appointment today to get started!