Organizing your Closet

Have you organized your closet lately? If not it could probably use it. Here are some steps to go through when rearranging your closet.

1) Declutter and Donate – Sort through your clothes and get rid of old ones. You can set them aside and donate them to charity. This way you get a good deed out of it and will open up space in your closet.

2) Shop Essentials – Now that you’ve gotten rid of old clothes you can make a list of essentials that you need to buy. At least have one of each for the essentials on hand. If you have four pairs or running shoes that you’ve kept you probably don’t need to buy a new pair!

3) Plan – This step can play a huge part in your closet organization. What type of clothing do you have a lot of? Do you have a lot of shoes? For certain types you’ll want more shelves and others you’ll want more hanging space. Moreover, if you are planning on buying new closet storage you can customize it based on the types of clothing you have.

4) Organize – Now that you’ve finished the prep work it’s time to start organizing! Try organizing your closet by color or by item type to make finding things a little easier.