What is the Best Size for a Home Wine Cellar?

For a true wine enthusiast or the host who is always ready to entertain, adding a wine cellar to your home is something to consider seriously. Whether you have a large unfinished basement to work with or every square foot in your house is spoken for, you can create the space for custom wine storage with a little creativity. The best size for a wine cellar is always going to be the perfect size for your collection and your space, whether you’ve got a small but beloved collection or you’re spending time at wine auctions and traveling to vineyards.

What Makes a Wine Cellar

Many people picture a large, glass-enclosed room with hundreds of bottles and customized space for hosting parties and tastings when considering a home wine cellar. That is one possibility, but it isn’t the only option by a long shot. A wine cellar is simply a dedicated area in your home equipped with racks designed specifically for storing wine and glassware and with climate and humidity control that keeps your wine in peak condition.

What Are Your Wine Cellar Goals

There are many reasons why homeowners consider adding a wine cellar to their home, remodeling agenda, or new build design. Let your goals dictate your plans so you can be sure to enjoy your wine collection. 

Safeguard Your Wine Collection

If you’ve been collecting wine and have recently begun to take it more seriously or to amass a more financially or sentimentally valuable collection, now is the time to create dedicated wine storage in your home. If you hope to age some of the wine in your collection as a financial investment or for sentimental reasons, climate control needs to be part of your plan.

Showcase Your Wine Collection

People who love wine love to share wine with family and friends. Creating a wine cellar in your home means you’ll always have the wine on hand to celebrate good news. Wine collectors who have amassed a collection of bottles they’re proud of want to create a showcase within their home where their love of wine is part of the design and tone of the home.

Finding the Space

As you consider the type and scope of wine storage to incorporate into your home, rest assured that it’s a good investment. Smaller wine cellars tucked into existing rooms are a nice bonus for potential home buyers. Larger wine rooms are high on the list of luxury items desired by buyers of high-end homes.

Converting an Existing Space

Wine storage is surprisingly easy to incorporate into completed homes. Think about any unused or underused spaces in your home, just as you would when hunting for holiday storage or kitchen storage, for example. The bonus of creating wine storage is that it’s designed to be attractive and to complement your decor so you can show it off instead of hiding it like your bins full of holiday decorations. 

Space under the stairs is an excellent place to look. A professional with experience in designing and building residential wine cellars will be able to seal the area, install shelving and climate control systems, and finish with a glass door to show off the collection. The underused space beneath the stairs can hold a surprising number of bottles of wine if shelving or racks are installed from floor to ceiling. 

Consider your kitchen or dining room area. Do you have a bank of cabinets you could do without or a large pantry you never really fill? Incorporating a small wine cellar into an existing pantry or section between or next to kitchen cabinets can be seamless and stylish. Custom wine racks can ensure the wine cellar complements your kitchen or dining room: cool and modern or warm and inviting, and you have your wine collection at your fingertips. 

Remodel or Build New 

When you’re planning a related remodeling project, or you’ve decided to design your basement remodel around the cave-like wine cellar room of your dreams, talk to a professional to make room for the wine cellar you want. A bump-out in your kitchen can incorporate wine storage in the design and planning phase. Finishing a basement or building a house with the ultimate lower level dedicated to entertaining should include a wine cellar. You can tuck a small cellar behind the bar, go big, and create a custom room with storage for hundreds of bottles and square footage to host wine education events and wine-themed dinners alike.

Work With the Experts

Harkraft is the largest locally owned provider of wine cellar design and installation. We have the experience and know-how to help you sort through the possibilities and realize your goals. Let us help you find the perfect spot to incorporate a wine cellar into your home or talk to us about planning your dream cellar in the planning phase of a remodel or new build. Contact us today to get started. Cheers!