3 Benefits to Building Yourself a Wine Cellar

Wine is such a unique item to collect and such an enjoyable hobby to have. There is always more to learn about wine, more regions to explore or visit, more wines to taste and try, not to mention the joy of opening a bottle and sharing it with friends. If you’ve become a wine collector or you’ve just been acquiring bottles as you go along and find yourself wondering how best to keep them in your home, consider building a wine cellar to showcase and care for your growing collection.

Proper Care of Your Wine

Everyone knows the most basic facts of storing wine: white wine should be served cold and red is best enjoyed at a cool room temperature, corked bottles need to be stored long term on their sides, and you should shield your collection from high heat or extreme cold. Still, as your collection grows, there’s more you might want to take into consideration and many benefits of a wine cellar.

Wine Coolers vs. Wine Cellars

A wine cooler is an excellent thing to have if you regularly uncork a bottle to enjoy a glass of wine and is meant to keep wine at a constant cool temperature. A wine cooler is for wine that you plan to drink reasonably soon. A wine cellar, however, should be considered if you have or plan to collect wine you’re going to hold on to as it ages either as an investment or before you share it on a special occasion. A custom wine cellar in your home can accommodate your entire collection, including future purchases. In a wine cellar, temperature and humidity stay at the ideal levels for the health of your wine collection. Your wine will also be kept out of the way of the daily traffic of your household. As you acquire wine of either sentimental or financial value, the last thing you want is to store it in your rec room bar where someone, including you, could break it.

Insurance and Assurance

If you grow more serious about wine collecting and as your collection grows in value, you may want to consider an insurance policy just as you would for expensive art or jewelry. Most policies will want to see that expensive or appreciating bottles in your collection are stored in a safe, climate-controlled environment like a wine cellar in your home. 

Return on Investment

Building a wine cellar can add just the wow factor to your home that buyers are looking for, whether you’re planning to list your home in the near future or hope to spend many more years there. A thoughtfully designed wine cellar is high on the wishlist of a particular tier of home buyer. As you ponder whether to build yourself a wine cellar, consider the possibilities: a wine cellar can be completely customized to your collection, your tastes, and your space. If you love the idea of building a wine cellar that looks like you’ve entered an old vineyard tasting room in France, that can be designed! If your entire house is ultra-modern and the idea of an old European vineyard just doesn’t suit your style, rest assured a wine cellar can look like anything you want it to be and still serve the purpose of displaying and keeping your wine collection in ideal conditions. 

Whether you’ve got an unused closet or a space off the kitchen or an entire unfinished basement to work with, you can experience the benefits of a wine cellar that matches your style and is customized for your personal collection.

Enjoying Your Wine

A wine cellar in your home can be anything you envision. You can build a room that includes the ideal storage racks for the type and varietals of wine that you collect, but you don’t have to stop there. Part of the fun of having great wine can be displaying it! You could include in your wine cellar an entertainment space ideal for hosting wine tastings with fellow connoisseurs or create a casual, cozy setting perfect for getting comfortable with friends and enjoying a bottle from your collection.

Enlist the Experts

No matter the size of your wine collection or even if you’re taking the first tentative steps and have a few bottles to show for it, Harkraft can help you design the ideal wine cellar. We can help from consultation to completion, including climate control and design services. No one has more experience building wine cellars of any scope and style in the Twin Cities. We will walk with you through the process to help you achieve the ideal result. Whether your ideas are big or small, unassuming or grand, traditional, old-world, or sleek and modern, we have the expertise to help you get the wine cellar you will love and can enjoy in your home for years to come. Get in touch with us today to find out more.