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For over 50 years, Harkraft has been the go-to choice for builders, remodelers and homeowners looking for truly innovative solutions when it comes to the finishing touches on a home.

Minnesota's Home Storage Expert

Harkraft supplies and installs many of the specialty products that have become key for any home. They include: wire and laminate closet systems, garage storage systems, shower doors, mirrors, bath hardware and complete wine cellar fabrication. With many of the products installed during the same phase of construction, Harkraft offers contractors the advantage of a true one-call shop.

Dedicated To Service

Harkraft’s dedication to service means it is responsive to customers’ needs. “Many of our new product ideas come from customer requests,” said company President Warren Eck. “We love to be that resource for them.”

This dedication has led Harkraft to build countless long-term relationships with area contractors. Still, the company continues to reach out to new customers, offering them an ever-expanding list of services.

“We have a well-established system in place for ensuring that the expectations of the builder and their homeowner are exceeded and that is where we spend our energy,” Eck said. “For a custom builder, we will work from the early stages of plan design to help them develop a budget and, as the project moves forward, work with the homeowner to create specific layouts that meet their needs within that budget. For builders using standard plans, we create a functional base layout ensuring value and functionality and then we offer upgraded designs for them to sell to an interested homeowner.

“Our main concern is to maintain a smooth system that gives the homeowner what they want and a ‘call us and forget about it’ experience.”

Shaping The Industry

Responding to homeowner needs has been part of Harkraft’s vision since the company started in 1962, building closet doors out of a small garage. In the early ‘70s, a vendor offered Eck’s business partner, Jack Hinnenthal, a line of wire closet shelving, which local builders at first rejected because it looked too much like “refrigerator shelving.” Still, he saw the benefit of the product and today it is the standard in most of the homes in the area. “We are not afraid to pioneer a new idea if we believe in it — and the company providing it,” Eck said.

Harkraft readily responds to market changes as homeowner interests change. One area seeing increased interest is wine cellars and racking. “Enjoying, displaying and appropriately storing wine has proven to be much more than a passing trend,” Eck said. “When homeowners realize an area in their basement can become a climate-controlled showplace for as little as $3,000, it’s a welcome addition to their plan.”

Likewise, “heavy glass” shower doors (frameless and 3/8″ thick) are gaining interest with homeowners looking to create luxury bathrooms. “Bathrooms have become so much more than they ever were — complete dressing areas with TV’s and sound systems,” Eck noted. “Adding a frameless heavy glass shower door is a natural fit, allowing them to showcase decorative tile patterns and adding an openness to the room.”

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