Three Tips to Make Home Storage Easy

If organized home storage seems to be something that happens at other people’s houses or on other people’s Instagram accounts, don’t despair. Most people feel like there must be a better way to organize their home storage sometimes. A few essential tips can help you see the possibilities for creating storage solutions that solve problems and look good. Read on for some tips for home storage.

1. Identify Your Storage Needs

Without putting too much thought into it, you can probably think of some problem areas in your home where the storage just isn’t working. Closets, storage rooms, and garages often get filled over time, bit by bit, and it’s hard to see the problem taking shape. Then, one day, you can’t open your car door because there’s a lawnmower there or food is expiring in your pantry because you can’t see what you’ve got on hand. 

Look Around

Take some time to make a list of the storage areas you’d like to upgrade. Take some time to physically walk around your house and garage to really examine your home storage. Open closets, turn a critical eye on the mudroom and be honest about what you’d like to change. Take pictures, make a list, do whatever suits you. The idea is to identify the problems and the places that could use improvement.

2. Get Creative

Spend a little time with your list and think about how you’d like to see your pantry or your linen closet upgraded. Now might be a good time to enlist the help of a professional. Professionals have a way of seeing the possibilities of underused space that many of us overlook. Call for a free consultation or make plans for a transformation on your own.

Maximize and Re-Envision

Whether you work with a pro or take it on yourself, think about maximizing your storage space in every area that needs improvement. The standard array of shelving in most closets and storage spaces is usually very basic and can always be improved with custom shelving solutions that take advantage of dead or unused space. Look up: how high can you go? Take advantage of high shelving for storing out of season or rarely used items. 

Think about how each space gets used and spend some time thinking about how you want everything to look. If you currently have to hang all your clothes because of inadequate shelving in your closet, fold all the clothes you’d like to store that way and put them on your bed. Plan for the amount of shelving you would need to make that happen. 

3. Customize

The only way to get exactly what you want is to customize. Installing custom shelving and storage solutions might sound intimidating and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be either. Systems range from professionally designed and installed laminate shelving and cabinet systems to wire shelving you can plan, measure, and install yourself. No matter your budget or vision, you can create an organized home you’ll be thrilled with.

Laminate or Wire Shelving

Wood laminate systems and wire shelving both have advantages, and both will ultimately help bring order to the chaos. Laminate systems are perfect for public-facing areas in the home like a mudroom. A customized system of laminate shelving in a walk-in closet, with the addition of custom lighting and high-end finishes, can create a boutique feel that might be just what you’re seeking. That same large closet can be successfully equipped with low-profile, no fuss wire shelving that meets all the homeowner’s needs for a fraction of the cost. 

Laminate shelving can be custom-designed and comes in a variety of finishes. It’s built to last and easy to wipe clean and maintain. In a master closet, laminate systems create a high-end feel. Customized laminate storage systems can also make your garage, entryway, or workspace a showpiece while also hiding away expensive tools, paint, and more in locking cabinets. 

Wire shelving is low-profile, low-maintenance, and budget-friendly. Wire shelving systems can improve any storage space by adding shelving exactly where you need it. Customize your system by adding pull-out bins in the pantry, for example, to create easy-access to snacks for little ones. Wire systems can be used in conjunction with laminate to maximize storage inside cabinets or cubbies with risers, shelf and drawer dividers, and hooks.

Work With the Experts

At Harkraft, we know the idea of remaking your storage space can feel intimidating. We’re happy to lend our expertise every step of the way. Get in touch today to set up a free consultation or to talk about organizing your home with custom shelving. Harkraft has been creating organized homes with builders and homeowners for over 50 years. Let us help you.