Pros and Cons to Custom Closet Builds

Every single day, you open your closet door and try to find something to wear. Maybe you are enviably organized, and all of your sweaters are beautifully folded. This is not the reality for most people! A lot of homeowners dread facing the mess or at the very least wish they had a closet that was a more efficient and stylish reflection of their taste and organization style.

The Pros 

Any time you decide to change something about your home, there are going to be pros and cons to consider. What will I gain from the outlay of time and money? Will I still be happy with the results in a few years? Will this solve the specific problem of purses falling on my head when I try to get my favorite black sweater off the shelf? A custom closet build could ease all of your cluttered closet conundrums.

Space, Glorious Space

It’s a pretty safe bet that almost no one is satisfied with the closet storage in their home. Whether you are constantly battling a tumbling shelf of denim or you wish you had a better way to store out-of-season clothes, a custom closet will work better than the closet you currently have—because it will be built specifically to solve your problems. 

If you collect shoes, for example, you will need more shoe storage than a stock closet can offer. People in certain climates need to make a drastic shift between warm weather and cold weather, and require a particular type of storage. Custom closet solutions can seemingly create space from thin air by using existing space more efficiently. 

Your humble closet re-imagined with a custom system could hold much more of your wardrobe without actually getting any bigger. Closet rods can go around corners, shelves can be deeper or more shallow depending on what items you want to store, and you can have more or less hanging storage depending on whether you prefer to fold or hang your jeans, to name just a few problems solved.

The Zen of Organized Clothes

Nothing will prepare you for the wonderful feeling of opening your closet and loving what you see. Once you’ve taken the step of installing a custom system into your closet, you will be able to see your wardrobe, which is better for you and for your clothes. A wire system is very low maintenance and low profile, and also allows for air circulation around your clothes. A laminate cabinet system creates a more built-in look but does subtract just a little bit of space from the closet, and it will need to be dusted occasionally. 

Whichever system you ultimately choose, the ability to see your clothes at a glance and store them properly means you will not buy something you already own two of because you couldn’t find either one. You won’t be able to convince yourself to buy another black dress because you’ll be able to see all the dresses you own, not doubled up on hangers, wrinkling and stretching, but all in one organized row. You may even save time looking for things as well as repairing or replacing items damaged in the unorganized crush—and no one has too much time!

The Cons to Consider

Every bedroom has a closet, and using it as it is right now, imperfect as that may be, won’t cost you anything. However, turning your closet into something that works for you is worth the money—if done thoughtfully.


When people are considering custom closet solutions, cost is almost always the reason holding them back. Upgrading your closet with a custom system will indeed cost some money, but it may be less than you think. With the help of a professional, you can maximize efficiency in a way that you may not be able to do working alone. Professional storage designers have been known to make space seemingly appear from where there was previously only a pile of old clothes. If you’re considering selling your house within the next few years, you can rest assured that money spent on a closet system will come back to you at closing as closet storage is high on any buyer’s wish list.

Changing Needs

Investing in a custom closet build might seem indulgent if you’ve never considered it, and it might also sound, well, custom. What if your needs change? What if you change jobs and sell all your suits which used to dominate nearly all of your hanging space? Custom solutions are and should be customized to your current needs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be reconfigured in the future. Many systems, such as wire shelving and baskets, can be moved around as your storage needs shift. Shelf height can be adjusted, and, with some tools, laminated cabinets can be moved around, too. Getting what you want today doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with it forever.

Custom Closet Solutions From Harkraft

If you’ve been dreaming of opening a closet door and seeing something that makes you happy, we can help make that a reality. In every room in the house, organized closets are desirable to homeowners and home buyers. Harkraft can help you see the possibilities in your walk-in or reach-in closets. Contact us today to get started.