The Benefits of Wire Shelving

Sleek, modern, and durable, wire shelving is an attractive option for storing items. If you’ve only ever used these shelves around the office or in a classroom, you may not be able to imagine how they would look in your home. However, the metal used to make these shelves allows them to blend seamlessly into almost any decor that you have in a room. If your old wooden shelves have started to chip, crack, or lose color or luster, consider upgrading. Metal wire shelves have many benefits that make them a cost-effective and smart choice.

Easy Installation

If you want to put together some wooden shelves, you’ll need a drill, a skill saw, and other power tools. You may not even own these tools, so you’ll have to borrow them from a friend or family member. You also need stains, paints, or finishes so that the wood doesn’t look rugged. All of that is a lot of effort.

However, wire shelves call for a fraction of that. As long as you have a hammer around the house and a screwdriver, you can put together this shelving. By screwing or fastening the parts of the shelves together, you can start cleaning up your space right away. You can also find prefabricated wire shelves that come preassembled, which helps save you time.

If you’re not particularly handy or if you’re wary about building your first shelves, wire shelving is undoubtedly the way to go. With only a few steps necessary to put these together, you can figure out how to do it without a headache.

Simple Switching

Perhaps you live in an apartment but you plan on moving out in six months or you decide to give your home a spring cleaning or a makeover. You may also just want to make some small changes to a few rooms. In those situations, your wire shelving will have to move as well. You can easily remove a few shelves or add a couple more. Wire shelves are also much more lightweight compared to wooden shelving so that you can transport them from room to room without too much heavy lifting.

Generally, once you put together wooden shelves, they’re pretty much stuck. You could unscrew or drill out each shelf, but this can be time-consuming and harms the overall appearance and integrity of the shelves. If you’re the type who changes up your home environment often, you need wire shelves.

Less Expensive

wire shelving in closet

Between the cost of power tools as well as paints and stains, wooden shelves are quite costly. As mentioned, with much simpler installation, wire shelves won’t break the bank. If you’re redesigning your home or apartment on a budget, you can’t afford to overspend. By investing in wire shelves, you can get a great quality product at a lesser overall cost.

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Won’t Rust or Corrode

When buying your wire shelving, you should check if it comes with a coat of epoxy. If not, you can add your own. By doing so, the metal won’t rust or corrode over time. The shelves will also maintain their lustrous silver color and will be stain-resistant. You cannot say the same for wooden shelves, which are susceptible to sun-fading and stains.

No Maintenance Needed

Beyond the chance of losing their color, wooden shelves can also be harmed by humidity and liquids. If by chance you ever spill a liquid near your wooden shelves, this could warp the wood and damage the structural integrity of the shelves. If you live in a hot area where humidity is a constant factor, your wooden shelves will be negatively affected. Even if humidity is only an issue during the summer, this can cut down on the durability of these shelves. Wire shelving stays intact despite the humidity and possible liquid spills. After you apply epoxy, you don’t need to worry about further maintenance.

Durable and Lasting

Rust-proof and corrosive-proof as well as resistant to humidity, you won’t have to worry about your wire shelving falling apart. While sometimes wooden shelves need repairs to prolong the lifespan, the same cannot be said for wire shelves. You can count on these to store your clothes, keepsakes, books, toys, knickknacks, a wine collection, office supplies, shoes, and other items for years to come.


Wire shelving is also multifunctional. You can add new features to your shelves to change their function. For example, installing hanging rods make these shelves the ideal spot to hang your favorite outfits. If your closet is overstuffed, you can save room. However, once you put together wooden shelving, you can’t really make many changes to it without ripping everything apart. As mentioned, this isn’t exactly a great way to spend your time. Wire shelving is practically made for you to change it as often as you like, so that even if you decide to remove the hanging rod, it won’t take you long to do so.

Overall, wire shelving makes for an affordable, durable, multifunctional, customizable home storage option that doesn’t need maintenance. If you’re considering wire shelves for your home or apartment, shop at Harkraft. This Minneapolis-based home store has been helping customers simplify their home design and reduce room clutter for more than 40 years. You can find the perfect closet organizer, customizable wine cellars, and wire shelving from Harkraft.