How to Ensure the Finishing Touches on Your New Home are the Highest Quality

Building a home or undertaking a major renovation is a big job, and it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It can be tough to maintain enthusiasm and focus as the project nears completion, and you grow eager to finally move in and occupy your new space. Finishing details make the difference between realizing your dreams and a nagging feeling that you didn’t get it quite right.

Carry Your Vision Throughout

When you’re designing your perfect bathroom, the master closet of your dreams, or a butler’s pantry off the kitchen that will make hosting and entertaining a breeze, translating your vision into the real world can be challenging. Talk to the professionals you’re working with to make sure you’re on the same page right from the start. Your designer should inspire you and transform your inspiration for a space into reality with actual objects and finishes. Describe what you want to your design partner or spend some time gathering inspiration online or in shelter magazines.

Choose Quality

No doubt building and renovation are expensive, so you’ll want to spend wisely. Make sure to manage your budget so that you’re not forced to scrimp on the finishing touches. Always choose the best quality you can afford as it makes sense in your project. Choosing mirrors and shower doors for a bathroom remodel, for example, should never be an afterthought. A custom shower door could enable you to realize the spa-like master bathroom you envisioned. Creating a customized shower enclosure will cost a bit more than relying on off-the-shelf options, but, in the long run, it could make the difference in creating a showpiece shower to serve as the focal point in your room or settling for your second choice.

Embrace a Statement Piece

To keep your finishing touches from becoming an afterthought in the long slog of remodeling or building, plan your spaces around a statement piece of furniture, lighting, or something else right from the start. Keep your focus on that statement and design and choose finishes with it in mind. Now is the time to create a master closet that looks like a high-end shop. Design around a center island and choose a standout mirror. Create a custom wood laminate shelving system with hanging storage, lighting, drawers, and customized accessories like shoe storage and pull-out jewelry trays.

Design Custom Solutions

Building a home or creating new rooms in your house is the right time to customize. Spaces being created from scratch will require doors, mirrors, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and storage, whether you take the time to get precisely what you’ve always wanted or someone else chooses for you. 

Built-In Touches and Storage that Works

When you’re working with a blank slate, built-in shelving and cabinetry make the most sense. Instead of retrofitting your pantry or closet later with custom storage, do it right from the start. Built-in systems look like they’re part of the house because they are explicitly designed and seamlessly installed into the rooms and spaces they’re a part of. 

Pantries and mudrooms are the perfect public-facing spaces in your house for a system of custom-built laminate shelving. Laminate comes in a variety of colors and finishes to help you realize the storage dreams and aesthetic feel you want to portray. 

Closets should always be designed with your needs in mind if you’ve got the opportunity to build them from scratch. Consider your specific wants and needs: shoe storage, double doors for a dramatic entrance, accent lighting, and more. A walk-in closet is essentially a small room containing endless possibilities until you install an organization system. 

Don’t forget the garage when you choose finishes. The garage will become a workhorse storage space sooner or later, even if you’re moving in. Tools, outdoor recreation equipment, bikes, and workbenches will all jostle for a place (not to mention cars). Design and install storage and shelving from the start to take advantage of vertical space overhead and hooks and racks that keep things off the floor. 

Design your bathroom as the retreat it should be. You’ll use it every day, so choose mirrors and shower doors that help to realize the mood you have for the room, whether that’s cool, clean and modern or verdant and green or anything in between. Bathrooms also need to manage quite a bit of storage, so be sure everything has a place.

High Quality Finishes with Harkraft

Harkraft has been working with builders and homeowners to help realize dreams for more than fifty years. We offer the finishes you need for your bathroom, closets, and storage areas throughout your home and the advice to assist you in choosing the right solutions. Contact us today to speak with a designer who can help you navigate the choices and choose the finishing touches you’ll love.