Making the Shower the Center of Your Bathroom

Many rooms and spaces within a home influence your mood and the way you feel about your house. The kitchen, your bedroom, and, without a doubt, your bathroom is one of those touch-point rooms. The bathroom features highly on lists of remodeling projects people would like to undertake. Homeowners want a bathroom that is soothing, efficient, and easy to keep clean and beautiful. Potential home buyers are looking for the same things when they shop for real estate. 

Designing Around the Shower

If you’re lucky enough to be building a new bathroom in your home, whether in a new addition, a remodel, or a redesign, it can be hard to know where to begin. You have probably been gathering ideas for as long as you’ve been wishing you had the perfect bathroom. Recent trends are pointing toward making the shower the center of your design. A beautiful, statement-making shower as the focus of the room can be just the jump-start to your plans you need.

Custom Shower Design

The shower is one of the most essential parts of the bathroom experience. People often cite efficient bathroom storage as another must-have, but bathroom storage is meant to be virtually hidden and unobtrusive if it’s doing its job. The shower will take up a lot of square footage in your bathroom, no matter how much space you’ve got to work with. A small shower in a small room still demands much of the square footage the room allows. Why not make your shower so amazing that you can have everything you want and it won’t even seem like it’s getting more attention than it deserves. Let your shower to demand attention. 

Materials to Create Your Centerpiece

The materials you chose for your shower can communicate the message: this shower is meant to be seen! Consider unusual or luxe tile choices or materials for the walls and floor of the shower itself. Natural materials tend to create a sense of expansiveness, even in a smaller space. Natural stone such as slate or marble is beautiful and durable in a shower if installed and maintained correctly. It’s your vision come to life, so explore all the options and choose something you’ll be happy to see every day.

Fixtures to Show Off

Don’t forget you’ll use this shower regularly – to wash the world away or to start your day anew. Invest in plumbing fixtures that will make you feel like every day is a visit to the spa. Multiple showerheads, steam, rainfall showerheads, and more are available in any finish that complements your design sense from a classic brushed nickel to a more mysterious oil-rubbed bronze.

Shower Enclosures

Once you’ve chosen tile and materials for the floor that you’re excited about, consider how to build the enclosure. The options are nearly endless: from a completely clean, glass enclosure that showcases what you’ve created to making the shower into its own room with a framed glass door. Think about whether you’d like a door to swing or pivot. Some people, no matter the beautiful tile, simply need some privacy in the shower, and that is where an enclosure of frosted or opaque glass can save the day. 

Details to Seal the Deal

Once you’ve made the big decisions, you can plan for luxurious touches that will make every shower feel like a vacation. If you’ve given up your bathtub to make room for a more spacious shower, add a bench to your shower design. You can incorporate seating into the actual shower build or add stylish spa seating in a moisture-resistant wood like teak. Make sure you have more than enough horizontal surfaces to stash shampoo, conditioner, and everything else every person who uses the shower will need. You can’t have too much storage – even in a shower. Incorporate corner shelves into the tile work or several wall niches for an unobtrusive look.

All Through the Bathroom

Take your shower design as your cue and carry your vision throughout the bathroom. Bring in a moisture-loving plant like the on-trend ZZ plant or the enduring fiddle-leaf fig. Choose towel bars and hooks for robes and hand towels that complement your plumbing fixtures and make a statement of their own. Don’t settle for rubber-backed bath mats outside the shower and in front of the sink. A flatweave rug in a natural fiber will work just as well in a bathroom, dry quickly, and carry through your spa-like experience.

Work With a True Partner

Harkraft is ready to help you design and plan the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. We will walk you through the design process and give you as much guidance as you want or need to end up with an amazing bathroom that ticks all the boxes. Contact us today, and we’re ready to help you get started.