Do You Need More Storage, or to Get Rid of Stuff?

Most of us have been spending a lot of time inside our houses for the last few months. Time at home has given many people a chance to work on long procrastinated projects or to tackle new projects dreamed up in the meantime. Perhaps this time at home has also led you to reassess your space. 

A new interest in or need to cook and bake at home might have you seeing the flaws in your kitchen storage. Preparing to spend more time in the backyard and pulling things out of winter storage might have you realizing your garage storage plan needs a serious update. Before you start re-design and organize your closets, garage storage, and other places where clutter collects, ask yourself if you need more storage space or could benefit from getting rid of some stuff.

Do An Assessment

Many books and magazines, websites, and hired professionals can help you go through your stuff. Choose the plan that works best for you or follow a few pretty straightforward steps to clean out your storage spaces.

To Keep, Toss, or Repurpose

Tackle each space that needs your attention separately. Give yourself the time to do the job right. After spending so much time at home, you probably already have some ideas of things that have become more a burden than cherished possessions. Take advantage of a nice day and empty your garage onto the driveway. On a rainy afternoon, empty every cupboard and pantry shelf in your kitchen. Go deep into the recesses of your closet and make sure you handle every item. 

In all these cases, make yourself decide about each item whether it should be thrown away or recycled, donated to a worthy organization or a friend, or kept. You can keep the “to donate” items in the trunk for a few weeks to see if you have any regrets if you’re feeling apprehensive. 

Implement a System

Going through and clearing the clutter in your garage or your basement storage room is a big job. Taking the time to honestly edit your wardrobe (and whatever else has ended up as part of your closet storage) will make designing a storage system that serves your needs much easier. 

To keep yourself organized going into the future, settle on some system to keep it going. Some people rely on a “one in one out” policy: if you really want a new pair of shoes, you’ll have to donate a pair to make room. 

Others set a quarterly or monthly review to do a mini version of the closet cleanout or garage clear out, so things don’t build up. Some people always have a donation bag going. Toss in things you think you’d like to donate throughout the month, and at the end of the month, you’ll know which items you can let go of and whether you really do love that jacket even though you never wear it. 

Create the Storage You Need

Once you’ve spent the time to clear the collected clutter and put a system in place to prevent the same thing from happening again, you can feel really confident that the things you have decided to keep are worthy of a storage plan that works. If you still have garage storage issues or a problem with fitting everything into the front closet after getting rid of accumulated household stuff, it’s time to create storage. Installing shelving systems, creating a pantry out of underused space in the kitchen, or turning your garage into a storage workhorse by installing custom cabinet and shelving systems that can handle everything you need from your garage.

Shelving Systems

No matter the storage needs in your master closet or your overworked garage, there is a system that can meet those needs. Wire shelving is a low-maintenance and inexpensive option for every storage space from closets to garages to kitchen pantries. 

Wood laminate systems can be designed and customized to your space. Create a high-end master closet with drawers, shelving, and storage for your shoes or jewelry, or turn the formerly neglected and abused garage into a project space by installing cabinets for tool storage and a workbench for projects. Get the holiday decorations and the snowblower out of the way so you can enjoy bike rides and grilling season. 

Work With A Partner

Once you’ve decided to transform your storage space, it can be a little overwhelming to know how to begin and make the right decisions. Harkraft has been designing storage solutions with homeowners for a long time, and we’re happy to help you choose something you’ll love. Our years of experience are yours to share. Contact us today to learn more about custom storage solutions for your entire home.