Choosing A Theme for Your Bathroom Accessories

Before you launch a bathroom redesign or redecoration, you’re going to want to set a theme that will serve as an anchor or all of your bathroom accessories and design choices. How should homeowners go about selecting a theme for their bathroom?

We got you covered. Here are some themes to consider for your bathroom.

Under the Sea

Aquatic themes such as under the sea are common and effective for bathrooms. It’s natural to associate your bathroom with water, so the theme makes for an easy fit. While you might think that choosing this theme will constrict your creative latitude when selecting your accessories and designing the bathroom, there are many creative ways to achieve an under-the-sea vibe.

To get started, you’re going to want to explore color schemes that are in the blue and green family. Select a wall paint or wallpaper that allows you to select other accessories that pair up. Then, match your sink, basin, faucets, towels, rugs, and bathroom furniture accordingly. To really hammer in the theme, take a look at some sea-like shower curtains, toilet coverings, decorative pictures, or other small accessories to position in the bathroom.


Want your bathroom to help you balance your mind and body? If so, the zen theme is perfect for you. A zen theme aims to focus on balance and nature. For a color scheme, look for It should neutral and calming colors. Avoid colors and accessories that are loud or invasive.

A good zen bathroom should feature some natural elements such as a wicker basket for laundry and bamboo towel racks for toilet paper holders. Candles are also a nice touch for a zen bathroom. For art, faucets, towels, and curtains, aim for earthy tones. If the bathroom has a basin, look into grabbing a waterproof stereo or bluetooth speaker to play some peaceful and zen music for a relaxing candle-lit  bath.


A surging trend in bathroom themes is the rainforest theme. Rainforest themes are growing in popularity along with the popularity of decorative bamboo. When tackling your rainforest theme consider utilizing bamboo. Bamboo can be deployed for your bathroom flooring, furniture, vanity, wall covering, or even a floor mat. If bamboo isn’t your bag, try to mix in grain or wood like colors into any component of the bathroom.

To fill out the rest of the bathroom, look for deep green color schemes for your curtain, towels, and other accessories. Keep an eye out for photo art of rainforest scenes or animals to frame on earthy and wooden frames.


Looking for a more minimalist theme for your bathroom? If so, maybe monochrome is the perfect theme for your bathroom. Monocolor is a bathroom theme that is starting to become a popular bathroom trend in 2018. With good reason, as deploying a monochrome theme is easy to do.  By selecting the right color you can easily match your bathroom accessories with the existing items in your bathroom.

When selecting a monochrome color to anchor your theme, aim for one that features a variety of shades. For example, doing a red theme is going to be easier for find accessories for then say a black or white one.

Bathroom Accessories from Harkraft

Whether you end up choosing a bathroom theme of under the sea, rainforest, zen, monochrome, or one we didn’t mention in this post, Harkraft has plenty of accessories for you to select from to complete you bathroom project.

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