5 Bathroom Decor Trends for 2018

Much like the fashion world, home improvement and interior design are prone to fluid and quickly-changing trends. Think about wallpaper. It went from super trendy, to off the grid entirely, and now it’s starting to make a resurgence again!

Bathroom decor trends don’t change at quite the speeds of the high fashion world, but every year we notice particular things being more and less popular.

Planning a bathroom makeover soon? Take a peek at some of the bathroom decor trends we’ve been noticing, and are anticipating, in 2018.

1. Monochrome

When it comes to decor, colors are often a subjective taste. Some people want loud color schemes in their bathrooms, some want a more muted approach. However, the color scheme that’s been trendy of late is monochrome.

If you don’t like dealing with color schemes and worrying about different colors matching and accenting each other, monochrome is perfect for you. Setting a monochrome theme for your bathroom makes your decoration project easy. Simply choose one color and decorate with different shades of it.

2. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a not a traditional flooring choice. No, laminate and wood have long dominated the flooring sector of home improvement. But, the low cost and unique look that bamboo offers homeowners has made it a trendy choice for bathroom flooring in 2018.

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource because it doesn’t require much water or sun to grow, hence the affordable price in comparison to laminate and wood. Bamboo is also very durable. If you’re going from laminate to bamboo, you’ll probably have to make some other decor changes to match the tone and color bamboo has.

3. Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone vessel sinks have been making their way to the top of the trends lists for years, but for 2018, they look to really take off. The beautiful hand-carved, stone vessel sinks are shaping up to be must haves this year.

The unique sinks give a bathroom a natural and organic beauty, especially when compared to the standard and common sinks you usually find in bathroom.

There’s a variety of different designs, shapes, stone types, and colors available for a stone vessel sink, so homeowners can let their creativity run wild when styling the rest of the bathroom to complement their beautiful stone vessel sink.

4. More Storage Capability

Bigger is not always better when it comes to home improvement or decoration projects, but when it comes to storage space in your bathroom, the more the merrier. Homeowners store a lot of stuff in their bathroom, so finding a storage system that can hold all of these items without sacrificing organization is key.

In recent years the storage trend for bathrooms was less is more. Subtle and minimalist storage units were the norm, leaving homeowners with more open space in their bathrooms.

But, that space meant that homeowners had to store fewer of their bathroom items in their actual bathroom. But now practical storage units are back in style, and there’s a number of beautiful options for homeowners to choose from ranging from wood to wicker.

5. A Spa-Like Experience at Home

Who doesn’t love the relaxation of a spa? However, with the busy, always on-the-go lifestyles we live, taking the time to enjoy the luxury of a spa can be difficult. So, people are starting to design their bathrooms to provide them with a spa-like experience from the comfort and convenience of their home.

There’s a lot of decorative directions you can go when creating a spa-like bathroom at home. You can go with muted lighting, deep soaking tubs, and lots of soft textures or a more natural and organic look that is expansive, bright, and inviting. The stone vessel sinks we mentioned earlier go great with the latter.

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