5 Benefits of Wire Shelving

wire shelving storage optimizationOne of the major trends that customers are looking for in modern floor planning and construction is open space. This makes rooms feel bigger and more welcoming and is perfect for people who will often times have company over. However, even though the open concept is “in”, this does not mean that people don’t have storage needs. This leads people in the home construction and interior design industry to find new, innovative ways to generate storage space in a manner that is conducive to the open concept floor plan. One of the great trends that has come to meet this need is wired shelving. Wire shelving uses metals including stainless steel contraptions that can be mobile or be secured to walls as well as multi-shelved. This creates the maximum amount of storage space with a minimal footprint.  Below, we have listed five major benefits of wire shelving.

 It Saves Space 

With multiple shelves, it optimizes the vertical space while minimizing the floor space used. You can also place it in areas of the house that aren’t used for other purposes besides storage, such as closets and pantries.  You can place wire shelving inside closets, laundry rooms and play areas. Wire shelving can even be shortened and attached to a kitchen counter if extra floor space is not available. It also easy to utilize on wall space that otherwise would sit empty, such as over a refrigerator, a window or above the washing machine.

It Keeps You Organized

With multiple shelves, you have more ways of sorting your belongings. Wire shelves are conducive to labeling and color coding storage spaces. This works well in the kitchen pantry and for sorting those products by category. Additionally, the laundry room may be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. Wire shelving can help keep detergent, cleaning supplies and other laundry equipment neat and organized.  It also provides a great location to hang clothes and additional hangers on in order to efficiently get the job done. And don’t forget about the garage; wire shelving is a fantastic way to keep tools and other equipment and supplies all in one neat and organized place.

 It Looks Great

wire shelving exampleWire shelving is highly sought after and works well with popular stainless steel appliances. In addition to the much desired open concept kitchen and dining room floor plan, wire shelving can only supplement open concept designs, letting any bedroom closet or kitchen pantry breath. It allows for natural sunlight to filter through, as it’s unobtrusive and sleek, which lets you see your clothes easier–a great plus when you’re bleary-eyed in the morning! You can add as many or as few shelves as you would like in order to ensure that wire shelving suits your needs without taking up much space. Your home will look great with everything in its place, organized and out of sight, due to the benefits of wire shelving.

It’s Economical

While traditional ways of storage such as wooden shelving, plastic tubs and obtrusive dressers (or simply adding expensive floor space) can put a ding in any budget. Wire storage space, on the other hand, is comparatively much cheaper with the additional beauty being in its simplicity. Metal wiring is often times exponentially cheaper than its wooden counterparts, which can become exponentially more expensive with larger closets and more shelves. Metal wiring is also more durable than wooden alternatives and needs replacing less often, meaning you can spend less time fixing the house, and more time lounging in it.

It’s Functional And Easy To Assemble

Wire shevles are easy, no-hassle and functional. There are no drawers to open. There is no need to move it – and if you do want to move it, it’s easy for people that may not be able to lift heavy objects, like wooden shelves. Wire shelving is the way to go if you are looking for functional, easy-to-use storage space that doesn’t inconvenience the average consumer. Assembly is a breeze, usually not requiring additional tools beyond a drill and level to put together and install. If you’re into function, fashion and durability, closet wire systems are your answer.

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